Saturday, February 23, 2013

Ski day with Kade and Addi

Kade and Addi spent the night last night, and then we snuggled in bed this morning awaiting our fun day of skiing! First, we headed off to Kneader's for some french toast. Addi and I brought it back for the boys and we ate our scrumptious meal before heading out.

When we got to the mountain, it was very, very snowy, but the snow subsided after a few runs, and then it was so sunny and nice! 

Me and Add on the chair lift - Uncle and Kade ditched us to go do other runs since Kade is faster. However, I taught Add to go back and forth down the mountain, and I'd say by the end, we were giving them a run for their money! :)

All of us at some point :) 

I was so proud of Addi for catching on so quickly (it was only her second time). We did about ten runs for the whole day.

This video is a clip of her mastering this part of the mountain. Sorry about my screaming - I was just so dang proud of her!

For our last run, we passed this first chair lift - we were WAY too good for that - and skiied down to our car. Of course, both Eric and I had to take Add and Kade between our skis - but hey, they did it!

And it was certainly - the best day ever. :)