Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Gender Reveal Party :)

Last Friday, we had a gender reveal party. It was so much fun, and I loved every minute of it. 

We had three guessing games that you could do at any point during the party. 

Look at the ultrasound pictures and take a guess on the gender... 

Guess the number of m&ms in the jar - closest person wins...

And last, share your favorite baby name.

We had dinner as well - pizza, chips, dip (thanks to Natalie for making it!), pretzels, veggies, and more pizza (not pictured)!

We also had "pretty in pink lemonade" and "berry blue punch"

After grabbing a few shots, Phil took over the camera. :) Thanks Phil for being my photographer all night.

I posted a schedule of the events for the night. Between 7 and 7:15 p.m. people were to arrive at the party. Most everyone came in either pink or blue - whatever they thought the gender was going to be.

At 7:15 p.m., we started our first group game. I gave everyone a card with an old wives' tale on it, and then told them how I was according to that tale. For instance, if the heartbeat is over 140 bpm, it's a girl. Under, it's a boy. For each tale, Addi stuck lips or a mustache on scrapbook paper so I can one day scrapbook it for our baby.

This is the ring test - if it sways back and forth, it's a girl - and in a circle, it's a boy. 

Addi reading her tale 

Ethan wore green - saying it was both a girl/boy. He quoted Friends for me - and you all know how much I love Friends. :)

Ross: We... we said that the rumor was that, um, you had both male and female reproductive parts.

Rachel: What?
Will: That's right. We said your parents flipped a coin, decided to raise you as a girl, but you still had a hint of a penis.
Monica: You started that?
Rachel: What, you heard that?
Monica: Well, everyone in our school heard it.
Chandler: Everyone in my school heard it. You were the hermaphrodite cheerleader from Long Island?

Rachel: Monica, how come you never told me this?

Monica: I was afraid it might be true. And I was afraid you were gonna cry, and then show it to me.
Rachel: Joey, stop staring, there's nothing there. It's not true!
Joey: I'm afraid I'm gonna need proof.

Or maybe he just wore green cuz he was undecided? ;)

We ended with 9 girl tales and 8 boy tales for our game. Add said, "Jackie, we win!! It's a girl!" haha 

Out of the 45 who said they would come, I think we had a total of 40 show. Great turn out!

We had a photobooth as well. I think it was the best part of the whole night.

You got to pick lips or a mustache for your picture.

And dress up with all kinds of cool props.

Everyone took a photo and got two copies. One for them, and then one they were supposed to put in a book and write a comment next to. If you were one of those people who didn't, no big deal - I have a CD of ALL of the photos taken. :) So double covered! They turned out so great.

More group shots :)

At 8:00 p.m., we pulled the desserts out.

And at 8:15 p.m., once everyone was ready, I started handing out the confetti poppers we had made. I made 80 of them so we would have enough. At least 50 for the group, and 16 more my friends who couldn't come because they were playing Bunco that night. And then made a few extra just in case. :)

My sister wanted to be on skype for the reveal - this is me setting it up so she could see. 

I was so worried people were going to pop them before everyone did it on the count of 3 - everyone was so good about waiting though. :)

And then on the count of three we popped those suckers!

And pink flew everywhere! We are having a GIRL!!

In this picture you can see Natalie is using her phone to Facetime Rachel. :) Glad we could get a few people from out-of-state in on the action.

After the reveal, I turned on the DVD of the ultrasound I had when I found out she was a she. 

This picture is me trying to show Ange Hall a picture of my bump. :) One day, it will be bigger. Right now, she's just hanging out being all small and stuff. She's about the size of an avocado and 4.5 inches long.  

Right now I just look fat. My waist is the skinniest part of me, so for it to be any bigger is so weird. To everyone else though, I'm sure it looks like nothing is there but I assure you - I'm way bigger than normal in this picture! 

And then we ended handing out chocolate bars to everyone. 

The next day...

I pulled it all down, and refused to clean it up because I loved seeing the pink confetti everywhere. 

It's cleaned up now and the girl excitement has ended. Now, I'm 23 weeks away from the next best part. :)

Friday, March 22, 2013

What's that now?

We're expecting!! Due September 4th!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Lake to Lake Relay

Eric's friend Allen decided he wanted to create a relay team and participate in this running relay in St. George. His main motivation? To beat his wife's team. I suppose that his wife wouldn't let him join her relay team, so he made their own. 

As much as I love races, I opted out of this one since there is no way I could run all 10 miles without breaking my knee all over again. SO...I'll save a race like that for when I can run that far again. For now, I'm sticking with triathlons. 

So, without me joining him, Eric's team turned into an all guys race and an all guys weekend. 

Eric had been growing out his hair and beard so he could cut it into the below...

At the race, he took this picture and sent it to me and said, "I'm running!" I was so worried about him because he had only run 3.5 miles during his training. I was not quite sure if he could run two times - one 5.2 mile leg, and the other a 4.7 mile leg. But he did it! And he did it in under ten minute miles. SO PROUD.
And did they beat the wife? HECK YEAH! 

Then Eric came home and did this to his hair before I requested ever so kindly that he cut it all off. ;) 

Good job babe!