Wednesday, April 24, 2013


So... I don't know when nesting is supposed to start for pregnant women, but it's already started here! haha Eric continually tells me we need to start food storage. My answer? When he organizes the crawl space (everything into clear buckets and onto shelves), we can have one. His response: oh that's right...

So I put it in his calendar that we would clean out the crawl space. We tried for days to do it but kept running into other projects to do first. So general conference weekend, I tackled the first part of cleaning it. Putting everything into a "place" and section, so we can easily go down there together and go through it all. Mostly ALL of the camping stuff Eric owns.


Under our kitchen

Under the stairs

Under our dining room - AFTER I had already moved some stuff haha

Under the living room


Under the kitchen 
That whole back corner is FULL of camping stuff. AND...we just got Eric's other stuff out of Natalie and Ethan's crawl space, and now my garage is full of MORE camping stuff. I'm calling my husband a hoarder. 

Under the dining room

Under the living room

Now... we need to go through EVERYTHING and throw it away, have a yardsale or keep it in nice clear buckets. Can't wait until it's all organized. I LOVE being organized and not being organized is driving me NUTS. Especially now. 

Well... back to that whole nesting thing...before we went on vacation, I did all of our laundry and needed Eric to help me go through all of our clothes. I haven't given away clothes since I was 12. Why would I? They all still fit! My sister said, "BECAUSE IT ISN'T THE 90s ANYMORE!" HAHA
Eric hasn't given away clothes since at least high school and so our closet was entirely too full.

The pile started like this...

Then grew to this...

To give you a better idea... that piles equals SIX black trash bags. :)

Besides all of that, Eric has put up additional shelves in most of the rooms, and I've been plugging away at changing the craft room into our new guest room and the old guest room into the nursery. Needless to say... I'm throwing away a lot. 

I kinda love this nesting thing.

Monday, April 15, 2013

The mine fell down!

On the evening of April 10th, the mine fell down. They had been watching it fall for some time now, and were preparing for it. They moved the visitor center and all the buildings surrounding it, and as much equipment as they thought would get damaged before the slide happened. They evacuated the area and did everything possible to keep people safe. NO ONE was hurt or killed and I am so grateful for that. In the end, equipment was damaged because they made a decision to leave equipment near the bottom so that when the slide took out their big haul truck road, they would still have equipment down there and could drive in regular trucks to it. The slide was WAY worse than they thought it would be, and covered up all of their equipment. The crusher was not damaged, however, which is a miracle. 

Pictures from the news:

And just to see the before and after - these came from TV. Eric said it is incredible to see in person and pictures just don't to it justice.

I'm so happy Eric still has his job after all of this. He went back to work today, and we'll see how things go from there. Workers were only turned away for two days - with pay- before being at work again. That seems like a good thing to me. :)

Sunday, April 14, 2013


I wanted to race this year, but didn't want to race so far in the year that I was too big to race. Plus, I didn't know how my pregnancy would go and if I would be able to. So, I did an indoor tri in Herriman in January (didn't realize I didn't blog about it before so here's some pictures).

Before the Herriman Tri at about 8 weeks pregnant. I woke up that morning feeling SUPER nauseous and thought... WHAT WAS I THINKING?!!? haha 

Anna came to watch me as I started biking - she took some pictures for me :)

Us after the race

And again :)

It went really well though despite me feeling icky. I felt great afterwards! :)

Anywho... I was feeling great pregnancy wise after about 13 weeks. Soooo... I signed up for a duathlon with Eric. After my knee surgery, running has been the hardest part of the tri for me, so to have to run TWICE was going to be hard for me. But I did it! And I did it at 19.5 weeks pregnant. Eric beat me by 12 minutes and said "the only way to beat Jackie in a tri... knock her up!" HAHAHAHHAH 

Sunday, April 7, 2013

A little weekend with Kade/Addi

Kade and Addi are welcome at our house WHENEVER they want. We have so much fun! 

I love everything about this picture. Eric is going to be an awesome dad. Watching them makes a pregnant girl want to cry. :)

Saturday morning, we loaded our ATVs and headed out to Five Mile pass. 

Addi wanted to have some of my eyeshadow to be just like Jackie. haha Love that girl.

We did a few trails then played some ATV tag. WAY too much fun. Eric had the kids, and everyone else was on their machine. Then you would race around this little wooded area and try and tag each other's ATVs. We probably did that for a good hour. 

Cute kid shoe prints 

After a thrilling ride - we sat down for some lunch. 

Then we headed back out and went on a few more trails.

 DJ and Chelsea

Addi and me. My favorite part about riding with Addi is when she screams "THIS IS SO FUN!" ATVs scare me (two accidents), and she made it so much easier. I think I'm finally getting to a point that I can be on them and not feel like I'm going to die the whole time. Still... slow and steady for me. Addi wasn't having that though and she would say, "Jackie, you can do it!! YOU CAN!! GO!!" This was especially true up or down any hill I thought was just a tad bit too steep. But we would do it and I would scream. She would say, "see... it's easy!" She makes me laugh.
 Kader on the back of uncle's ATV

It was a great fun filled day, and I think the kids agreed as they shouted, "THIS IS THE BEST DAY EVER!" I'm starting to think most days of Kade's are the best day ever. :)