Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Happy 5th anniversary!

For our 5th anniversary, Eric and I went out to dinner at Market Street Grill. My work gave me a gift card here, so we figured we would try it out! 

Kalli curled my hair for me, and I love when she does it. It always looks so good.

Eric got fish AND steak. I just got some steak. It was quite delicious.

30 weeks pregnant on our 5th year anniversary. :)

After dinner, we rented a redbox movie and watched "Parental Guidance." It was pretty funny.

Tucker wanted to cuddle too. :)

Happy anniversary lover! I LOVE YOU!!! It's been a wonderful five years. I wouldn't choose to live my life with anybody else, and am so glad I have you.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Kade and Addi come over

It's always a great weekend when Kade and Addi come to play. I can't wait for them to have another little cousin to play with! 

They went on their scooters, Eric rode his bike, and I roller bladed around the trail and then to two different playgrounds. At the first, they had these monkey bars, and I taught the kids they could play paddy cake upside down.

They loved it.

On our way to the second playground...

After playing, we ran a few errands. At Lowes, Kade pulled Addi around in the basket. 

Then we went to Ikea, and had some lunch. Eric helped Kade make a bow as well. They still need to finish it, but they'll have to finish that next time!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Awbs and Chris visit

Awbrey/Chris/Mercedes came into town. Awbrey had to leave early to be a witness in court, so we only had a few days to play. 

We went ATVing/Jeeping in American Fork. 

Eric, of course, found the only mud pit and got stuck. haha 

We strapped that ATV to the Jeep and voila!

I rode in the jeep the whole time, and everyone else ATVed. 

They got SO dirty.

On our way home, Mercedes and Tucker thought this was the most comfortable spot. 

Comfy? haha

We also hiked up to the Mt. Timp caves.

The last time I went was with Awbrey in 2004. It was cool to see it all again. I didn't remember the walk up there at all, and only remembered a little bit of the caves. 

Awbrey left Monday, and Chris and Mercedes stayed until Thursday for their original flight. It was sad that Awbs had to leave so early, but at least we got some fun in! :)

Monday, June 17, 2013

Baby shower #2!!

Rachel, Natalie, and Sally threw me a wonderful baby shower. 

It was all so beautifully decorated, and I loved it all. Thanks again you guys!

The food was delicious - fruits, desserts, and gummy bears!

And yummy italian sodas!

After eating, Addi helped me open all the presents. In lieu of a card, people brought a book as the card. I loved it.

Rachel made two of these cute tutus. I cannot wait for baby girl to get here and wear them!

After opening presents, everyone dyed onesies. They turned out so cute. 

Thanks again for a wonderful shower ladies!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Bri and Rach visit Utah!

Brian, Rachel, Jack and Evan all came out to visit and it was SO much fun! I miss them so much already. They got in Saturday, and we had a BBQ all together. On Sunday, Rach/Natalie/Sally threw a lovely baby shower for me! (blog to come)

On Monday, we went swimming at the rec center in Provo. 

Tuesday, we went to Addi's singing recital. She did so well. I'm always so proud of her.

Afterwards, we all went to the waffle truck. I think that Jack really enjoyed Uncle's waffle. :)

On Wednesday, we went to the zoo. 

My favorite animal is a white bengal tiger. Kade's favorite animal is a bengal tiger. It is my favorite part of the zoo.

And the carousel is always fun :)

That night, Rach/Bri/Evan/Jack spent the night at our house.

And played with the dogs

We went on a bike ride. It was an adventure. The bike I let Rach borrow went completely flat on the way out to the playground. SO... I rode back quickly, got the car, picked up the bike, and then biked the twins back. This is the biking/jogging trailer we bought forever ago. The twins were the first to use it. :) I'm sure our little girl will love it just as much!

We went over to the Traverse outlets and Jack/Evan zonked out. 

Friday, we went boating. This is the downside to being pregnant during the summer - no skiing, wakeboarding, etc for Jackie! :( Next summer though.

The boys didn't really want to take a picture with Uncle or me because they were watching a show. So Eric jumped in, and pretended to make the same face as them. haha

So sad they are all gone now! Wish we lived closer!!