Monday, July 29, 2013

Baby shower by Molly and Ashley!

Ashley and Molly threw me a super cute shower!

The theme was the "abcs of babies" and everything was labeled with a letter. :)

You can see in this picture that each food item was labeled too. It was so awesome and a TON of work I'm sure. 

They made dried alphabet soup mix for everyone to take home.

They had everyone write wishes for baby as well.

Josh, Ashley's husband, cut out all the letters of the alphabet for me to hang on the baby's nursery wall. Everyone decorated a letter.

After all the fun, I opened presents. Molly did a HUGE group gift collection! She had a present for every letter of the alphabet.

And the grandest present was the 4moms pack n play. I LOVE it. I'm so excited she was able to get it. I have such great friends!

It was a wonderful shower! Can't wait for this little baby to get here!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Baby Shower by Chelsea!

Chelsea threw me a gorgeous shower. The theme was "Alice in Wonderland" and I loved it!

She decorated everything so well. It was beautiful!


There was a little table to write notes on diapers to read for the late night feedings. SO CUTE.

I ALWAYS forget to take a group picture when everyone is there, so unfortunately, this is only the end of the people.  

Some "un-pictured in the group shot" friends :)

And another :) 

Both Christina and I are pregnant  - she is 4 weeks behind me. 

Autumn is due in October, me in September, and Angela in August.

Throw back to Angela's shower in May... our much smaller bellies. :)

It was a wonderful shower! Thank you Chelsea!!!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Pregnancy update- third trimester- part a

And now in my third trimester!

June 5th  - 27 weeks

I'm 27 weeks pregnant, or 7 months. I have 91 days left and have officially started my third trimester. Where has the time gone?! Baby girl moves frequently and I love it. Eric felt her the other day punch or kick super hard and screamed WHOA! haha I think it's really cool. :)

June 12th - 28 weeks

Comments: 28 weeks today. Sitting down for long periods of time is starting to get uncomfortable as she shoves herself up in my ribs. :( but still loving every minute I can feel her move. We have SO much to do before she gets here- and it feels like time is running out! Can't believe she will be here so soon but so excited for her arrival.

June 19th - 29 weeks

Hello 29 weeks and HELLO BABY! At 29 weeks, I was finally asked by a stranger, a four-year-old stranger named Tori, if I was pregnant. She said, "Hey mommy - that girl has a baby in her belly!" Her mom, with this terrified look on her face, probably thinking I may not be pregnant, just stared at her, and I confirmed, yes, I'm pregnant with a baby girl. Tori went on to tell me all about how she got her name as a baby, and she has a baby named Michael now (her baby brother). It was adorable. And obviously, that means I LOOK pregnant! Hurray! 11 weeks to go - give or take. Time to really get things ready. Where did all the time go?!

June 26th - 30 weeks pregnant

30 weeks... she is supposedly the size of a cabbage and probably weighs around 3 lbs. She moves a ton - I love it! I'm finishing her room and getting as much ready as I can while I still have the time! Only ten weeks left or 70 days or just over two months - however you'd like to look at it! :)

June 27th - 29 weeks and a day! Yoga time! Posted this picture about how cute I look in this tank. First time I had felt cute in a long time since I got fat all over!

July 3rd - 31 weeks pregnant.

She finally popped herself out instead of just up and down.

31 weeks today - 9 weeks left (down to single digits! Ah!) AND just two months from tomorrow. Just had the realization the other day that we are going to be a family of three! And we aren't just babysitting her and giving her back to her parents - we will be her parents! It's a simple thought but something I haven't really thought about like that. I've just been pregnant. Which obviously doesn't mean anything about HAVING a kid... just growing one. ;) Can't wait for the little miss to come. So excited to be her mom.

July 10th - 32 weeks pregnant

Just under 8 weeks to go!

I'll blog again when I have a few more weeks under my belt. :)

Can't wait for her to arrive!

Pregnancy update - 2nd trimester!

Second trimester was SO much better! I started telling more people I was pregnant, I told my mom we would have another kid (feeling nauseous all the time was gone!), and I got a LOT of my energy back. I wasn't done at 6:30 at night anymore, and could actually get things done. The only crappy part... strangers just thought I was fat - not pregnant. haha

March 1st - 13 weeks

March 13th - 15 weeks! She's a girl!!! 

March 20th - 16 weeks - Had my gender reveal party and told everyone else she was a girl! 

March 28th - 17 weeks

April 3rd - 18 weeks - finally told work I was pregnant and started instagram-ing my weekly pregnancy photos. 
My first comments: Left: my attempt to show you how huge I am at 18 weeks pregnant Right: my realization that with a shirt it doesn't look like anything - especially when I haven't eaten yet... so another attempt to show off my baby belly. :) 

April 11th - 19 weeks - did a Duathlon that week! :) Second race down. 

Comments: A week later and this baby has grown! Updates: I can feel her kick me now - so incredibly weird. I'm 19 weeks and am getting super anxious for my HUGE ultrasound!

April 17th - 20 weeks

Comments: 20 weeks pregnant! Halfway there. Baby girl is the size of a cantaloupe. I haven't felt her kick for days but keep listening to her heartbeat and her heart is still beating away. Can't wait until she starts kicking up a storm again.

April 26th - 21 weeks and 3 days - had my WA baby shower and no one believed I was really pregnant. haha

Comments: Forgot my belly show on Wednesday. This is at 21 weeks and 3 days. Popped out? I think so! This belly just can't be sucked back in! haha I still can't feel her kick me. Doctor said she is sitting breach, and the placenta is on top of her SO it could be a while. Dang. Loving this girl already.

May 2nd - 22 weeks

Comments: 22 weeks and 1 day. 22 to 26 weeks is month 6. So tell me... how am I already this pregnant?! I still can't feel her move even though she is probably about 11" long and weighs over a lb. They say about the size of a spaghetti squash. Today we start our first hypnobirthing class. Ah! Time is flying!

May 10th - 23 weeks and 2 days pregnant - Did another triathlon. Swam faster than the only other pregnant girl there. :) It felt awesome.

Left: Before pregnancy Right: 23 weeks and 2 days
So about 17 weeks left- give or take. Sometimes it feels like it is taking forever while other times it feels like it is going so slow. I'm just ready to feel her move A TON again. Come on baby girl!

May 22nd - 25 weeks (whoops... skipped week 24!)

Comments: In this very weird, obnoxious state where if you didn't know I was pregnant, you'd think I was just a big ball of fat. Eating a little too many cookies there Jack? ;) Anywho...25 weeks today. I cannot believe there are only 15 weeks left- give or take. I started feeling her move again on Mother's Day and have felt her every day since then. We finish our last birth class tomorrow and I definitely feel way more prepared in that aspect. Can't wait to meet our baby girl.

May 30th - 26 weeks and 1 day

Comments: Someone explain to me how my uterus is supposed to grow about a cm a week now? (That's 14 more cm!) Impossible. She won't fit. haha 26 weeks yesterday. Hopefully by now, people think I'm pregnant and not just fat.

And on to the third trimester!! 

Pregnancy update- trimester 1!

The next three posts are all of my pregnancy and how my belly has grown (or the baby I guess. :) )

This is the first trimester. I was nauseous starting at 5 weeks, and started throwing up at eight weeks. That didn't end until 13 weeks. After 13 weeks, I threw up three random times, and never again. THANK HEAVENS. For the whole first trimester, I was sure I would never have another kid after this baby. haha


Hey guess what?! I'm pregnant!!! 

December 29th - five days after I told Eric I was pregnant (4 weeks pregnant)

January 1st - 5 weeks pregnant

January 19th - 7.5 weeks pregnant

Triathlon day! I felt so sick this morning. BUT I DID IT! :)

January 26th - 8.5 weeks pregnant

February 2nd- Happy Groundhog day! 9.5 weeks pregnant

February 10th - 10.5 weeks pregnant

February 16th - 11.5 weeks pregnant 

February 21st - 12 weeks pregnant 

First trimester ends!