Monday, August 26, 2013

Bree has arrived!

On Thursday, August 15th, I started having some very bad contractions. However, I just figured they were braxton hicks. Why would I think I was in labor? I was barely 37 weeks. BUT, they hurt enough that I called my mom to ask her about it. I said, mom, you're SURE I will know when it goes from braxton hicks to labor? She asked me when my doctor appointment was (it was at 10:30 am that morning) and said I would be fine until then and to see how things were progressing.

I went to my doctor appt. The nurse saw me at my 36 week check-up because Dr. Langer was delivering twins. She had to see me again for my 37 week check-up because Dr. Langer was delivering in the Riverton hospital. She told me I was still not dilated, and effaced only a little more than the week before - probably 20%. She told me my braxton hicks were probably the cause of dehydration and to drink more water, take a warm bath, and take some tylenol. I went home under that assumption. 

That night, Eric and I went on a walk, and I kept having to stop and breathe through these "braxton hicks." After we got home, I could time them every two minutes for 45 seconds. Eric reminded me that it needed to be the 5-1-1 rule - 5 minutes apart or less, 1 minute long, for 1 hour. I went to bed, and was able to fall asleep. Around 1:30 am, I woke up and couldn't really sleep much more. Eric woke up at 4 am to go to work, and I just stayed awake at that point. I took a warm bath, and some tylenol, and then tried to clean my house - my parents were coming into town.

For the rest of the day I kept having "BH" (or so I thought), and I wasn't getting anything done. 

At 4 pm, after talking with my friend Christina - who is a nurse - and telling her what I was going through, she said she would come get me and take me to the hospital. I didn't want to go because I needed to finish cleaning, and my nurse already told me these were BH. She insisted I go, and left work to come get me. I took a shower as she vacuumed the rest of the floor I didn't finish, and then we left. We picked up Eric from his carpool at 5:30 pm, and arrived at the hospital shortly after. Eric took me up to L&D where they proceeded to tell me I was dilated to 8 cm. I looked at that nurse and said, I'm sorry, WHAT? Eric was so excited and said we are having a baby! I said, WE ARE NOT HAVING A BABY RIGHT NOW! haha That was at 6 pm... I had her at 7:02 pm. 15 minutes of pushing. Christina waited in the waiting room for the hour and then came in and spent the rest of the night with us. I couldn't ask for a better friend. I would have had her at home, or in a car, if I would have waited for Eric to get home. 

This is me before I had her

In labor and delivery room 234.

And tah dah! Little Bree. 6 lbs 15.4 oz. 

After we held her, and Christina held her, I got all cleaned up and ready to go give baby girl a bath.

But first we changed rooms...

These are my hands scrubbing her little face.

And Eric's hands finishing the bath.

And then the nurse finishing more of the bath.

My blonde chica

Sally/Paul and my family all came to visit her. Eric started calling everyone after we had her, and my family had just arrived in Ogden. They headed straight for the hospital. 

As we visited her in the well nursery, we were told she was having some respiratory problems and her oxygen levels were low. They were bringing in a therapist. 

I was overjoyed that she was here - even if it was way earlier than expected. 

After everyone started heading home, my mom stayed, while Christina took Eric home to get all of our stuff. Thank you Christina for being amazing! 

While he was gone, they told me she would have to go to the NICU because her chest xray came back with deflated lungs, and her white blood cell count was high. She would be there for three days on a three-day course of antibiotics. 

Eric finally made it back closer to 1 am, and we went to bed. I woke up at 4 am missing my little girl. I went to the NICU to visit her.

The next day, they told us she would actually need to stay for 7 days because her count got worse. That night, my dad, my bro-in-law JD, and Eric gave her a blessing to get better soon.

Bree and dad  - August 17th 

Bree was in NICU room six. 

She slept in this bed with a heater on it. 

That night, we had our "celebration dinner" from the hospital. It was our own little date. :)

Bree and me

We had lots of visitors - not pictured - all week. It was wonderful. 

This picture is one of my favorites though - Kade and Addi got to meet Bree - kids aren't allowed in the NICU but after Bree was a lot better, they let us take her to the NICU doors for Kade and Addi to see. The doors opened, and our nurse - Debbie - left the doors open just long enough for them to see her. 

That same day, baby Bree was moved to room 3. She was getting better! The lower the number of room (and the closer you are to the door), the closer you are to going home. :)

Bree and dad - August 19th

Bree and mom

Bree and dad

Aug 20th - wrinkly baby hands

After I was discharged as a patient on Sunday morning, the hospital let us stay in our room free of charge. The only reason they would move us from our room would be if they got busy and even then, they had all these rooms where they kept people as well. So it would be like a hotel where we could stay for free, but we would need to do all our own meals. So many people brought us dinner there. It was so generous. 

One of my favorite things... Nat's cookies. :) YUM.

Aug 21 - My littler poser baby

A card from Kade :) 
On Thursday, Aug 22, we moved rooms. AMAZING. We stayed in our original room the whole time but one night. 

Our new room...

The night of the 22nd, Bree had lots of tests done. I stayed up really late. Eric and I didn't even eat dinner until late that evening. Yummy taco salad by Chelsie. :)

She passed her carseat test with flying colors

And then her hearing test on Aug 23rd. Her one ear was double what it needed to be, and the lady said that when she is older and says "I didn't hear you!"say...YES YOU DID! I had your hearing tested! haha

Last time in her NICU bed. She looked so weird without all the monitors and IVs on. She was like a real baby!

Eric and I went and got ready to take her home.

We received lots of pretty flowers from friends, work, and family.

These were her clothes - all ready for her to go home in.

YAY!! Great goal date for discharge!

The car all full and ready to go home

After we were all ready, we dressed her up.

And got her in her carseat.

And left the NICU for the first time together :)

Bree's first elevator ride

Bree about to exit the building

After we got her carseat in the car, and Shawn, the nurse, verified that we had her in correctly, we were officially free from the hospital!

We took her out of the car to take her back upstairs to see my doctor and her nurses.

She used to be in my belly ;)

We went into my doctor's office, but everyone was at lunch. She said they would probably be in the breakroom - they were. After showing her off, we headed back down to our car, and Bree threw up ALL OVER. She had never been moved around that much, and I don't think her stomach knew how to handle it!

The lady who told us they were all at lunch was walking by at that very moment, and took her from me so I could wash my arms off. When Bree threw up, I just stood there... I was like um... I have no idea what to do now. haha

This is Bree all ready to go home.

Eric and I stopped and got in-n-out. Delicious. 

And then I changed her and laid her down to sleep at home. Best day ever.