Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Trip to WA!

My belly buddy, Theresa, lives in Lynnwood, WA. Only a half hour from my house. Her mom was battling cancer, and when T told me her mom only had a little longer left, I bought a ticket to WA to be there for her. A day later, her mom passed. :( 

Here we are on the elevator after security. 

On the plane - Bree's first plane trip!

And time to sleep :)

My favorite mountain - Mount Raineer

Landed in Seattle!

After we arrived, MacKenzie picked us up. First, we went to my house to surprise my mom. Her birthday just happened to be that same week, so I didn't tell her we were coming. She was talking to Alexa on Facetime (Alexa wanted to see her reaction) and when I walked up, my mom showed Alexa and said, "look who's coming up the driveway!" Haha

Afterwards, I went and surprised Theresa. Her husband, Brad, answered the door. I've never met him before, but he knows who I am. Once I explained who I was, he went to get Theresa, and she came down in shock! :) It was a wonderful surprise. 

So, off to pedicures we went!

Afterwards, Kenzie went off to a Halloween party, and Theresa and I went home to eat and get ready to head out again.

My family's all time favorite pizza? Papa Murphy's! And the bubble is obviously the best part. Look how cool this one was?!

Baby A and Baby B

The next day, Bree and I went to church with mom and dad. 

And then had a big family dinner. 

Twin cousins!

Bree with her granddad and great-granddad

Thorvald (my cousin's son) and Bree

Astrid (Thorvald's sister) and Bree

A picture of Eric and me FAR apart :(

Larisa and her kids meeting Bree

Mom and Bree

Bree and Adriana

Bree and Adriana had a lot of photoshoots together :)

Stephanie with Annabeth and Bree

Bree and me

A text message picture we sent to Eric - we missed him!

And random - but mushrooms that grow in Washington (saw them on my run)

For mom's birthday, we went to Las Margaritas! DELICIOUS! :) 

The next day, Theresa and I did some shopping, she showed me the house her mom owned that she was going to live in someday, and then we headed home to play a board-game with the fam, hang out with Ashley, and then head to the airport. 

Ashley and Bree

After all of our fun, we had to head back to Utah. 

We miss you Theresa and Adriana!!!!! 

And Happy Birthday mom!!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Grandmom and Pop Pop visit

The day before Mike and Cathi came out to Utah, I was rollerblading with Katie, Josh and Ashley. Bree was in the stroller - in her carseat - but not buckled into her carseat. The wheels flew off of my rollerblade, the stroller tipped over, and Bree rolled out. Thank heavens she was in several blankets, so she landed as softly as possible, and got a little road rash on her head. I ran barefoot home, and drove her to the doctor, who said she didn't actually hit her head on the pavement or anything, just a little scratch and the only needed fix was Neosporin. EASY enough. I was so grateful Josh was there to give her a blessing right away, and said she wouldn't suffer any permanent damage and the doctors would know what to do. It was very comforting. 

The doctor also mentioned that if she was to hit her head, where she did it is the best place because they are the hardest spots on their head. She also mentioned that if the soft spots in her head were ever swollen, then there was a problem with her brain, but she was just fine. :)

So poor little girl had a scratch on her head to meet her grandparents for the first time. GRRRRR.

Hanging out with grandmom

Talking to pop pop

Addi's turn!

Sleeping with pop pop

Trying on the smoke alarm bags. Mike put in all new smoke alarms since Eric had taken them all done a while ago. Thanks Mike!

While they were here, we all (minus Mike) went on an 8-mile bike ride. Addi did SO good!

That sunday we headed off to Anders' baby blessing and Bree and her papa did this. :)

It was a great visit!!