Saturday, November 2, 2013

Bree's first time swimming!

I wanted to take Bree swimming, so Angela/Anders/Eric came with!

All ready to go!

Oh, isn't she a doll?

And down the slide! WAHOO!

They loved it!

Friday, November 1, 2013

October Instagram

Loving her some bumbo time :)

Girl talk :)

Tummy time is just really tiring

My little sleeping ball

I wake up this happy after 7.5 hours of sleep too! Good job little girl. Keep it up. :)

This smiley face accompanies an 8.5 hour stretch of sleep. Fourth night in a row she has slept through the night and it's just gotten longer. First night: 7:45. Second night: 7:56. Third night: 8:05 and last night: 8:24. Now THAT'S a good baby. :) Someone really does get their sleeping habits from their daddy.

I LOVE getting mail and I think Bree feels the same way. :) A fun package from our awesome Theresa with a cute halloween outfit, a gorgeous dress to match her baby when they are bigger, a wubbanub, and a penguin! And a beautiful drawing from her cousin Brennan! Thanks to you both! Bree loves it all! :)

The happy faces of Bree after she LONG? I guess technically it's 1.5 hours less since she was up for that long after she ate but still! Are you seeing this?! She hasn't slept through the night since last Friday. So glad my baby is back! And thanks Bree for giving your sick momma a good night's rest. Love you baby girl!

Sometimes... Okay that's a lie, ALL the time, I want to go wake her up and cuddle her cuz I miss her so much.......And then I remember I like my sleep. :)

I suck at swaddling. Eric, on the other hand, is a swaddle master. She ALWAYS gets her hands out of my swaddle. But hey, it's cute. :)

Perfect little smiley baby Bree - happy Sunday!

Eric says Bree hates him. I tell him constantly that's not true. But how do I prove that when EVERY time he holds her the left picture happens and continues into the right picture? She can make the best pouty lip ever though. This picture doesn't do it justice. 

This cutie did so good today at her 2 month appt. Took her shots like a champ! Love you!

Baby Bree the elephant :)  (This was her halloween costume - such a cutie!)

Not trick or treating here? You missed out! Our special effects this year included chain saws and real live scary men.