Tuesday, December 31, 2013

December Instagram

Sunday morning - my family.

LOVE her

When Sally made my stocking, she put "Jackie" over "mom" so when I became a mom, I could take "Jackie" off. So grateful to be able to remove that this Christmas. In love with our baby girl.

Think they look related? (Wow...overgramming today) haha

Perks at being at Grammy's while I'm at work... Since I'm only ten minutes away, I get to see her on break, and get a good lunch in.  Thanks again Sally for watching her!

I've been looking for my car keys for two days. Eric drove the car last and did not put them on our key hook. I had him look last night to find them, and nothing. I tried to walk him through where he put them. Nothing. As I was talking to Stephanie about how I'm worried they got thrown away or something...I look up, and see this... REALLY?!?! Guess it was some kind of hook.

Papa and his camo lady

Sometimes I'm not really sure how I lived without this sweet girl. And I LOVE the face she is making as I kiss her. 

Only one of them is ready for church...

Always LOVE a gift from Ashley!! Can't wait to wear all the hats and take a family photo! :) Thanks so much Ashley!

Left: 12 days old 
Right: Four days shy of four months

WHAAAAAAT? Can you say huge? :)

If you can name this toy, you get the "you're freaking awesome" badge of honor. This toy was my favorite as a kid. However, it has so many pieces that my mom gave it to goodwill. I have given her crap ever since for doing so. Lexi and mom bought it for me for Christmas. Brings back so many memories! Thanks mom and Lexi! I LOVE it!

What Bree will look like with hair ;)

I'm so thrilled about this present! Eric is about to use it and it will never look this pretty again so had to document it! Thanks Chelsea and DJ - I love it!!!

Papa and Bree on her blessing day. Thanks to all who came. We felt so loved by all of you. A special thanks to Sally and Nat for bringing food. It was all so perfect. 

Camo and a bomber hat.... What more could a dad ask for?

Apparently she can feed herself. lol How'd she get so big?

The only upside to being sick is hanging out with this smiley face all day. Besides that...I need to get better now! This is miserable!

Loving her some Tucker

Every day I'm so entirely grateful for this cutie. Eric and I are so blessed to call her our daughter. I just love her.

Baby got big!

Someone is a little obsessed with watching tv. Okay, maybe two someones are. 

Merry Christmas from Bree and her aunt Stephie Sue!

Miss Bree LOVES her new jeep. Just like her daddy would want her to. :) 

Don't take down your Christmas tree without eye protection. Somehow, a branch will scratch your eye, which lands you at the eye doctor with a scratched cornea - ironically, with the scratch the shape of a candy cane. At least the "patch" I have to wear is a contact bandaid instead of a patch over my eye. :)

Not the best picture, but look who is so happy sitting with her papa? :)

Rio, it's been real. Time for the stay-at-home mom life. :) Couldn't be more excited. 

Saddest sign ever...

Monday, December 30, 2013

It's been real Rio

In May of 2011, I got a job at Rio Tinto as a recruitment coordinator. In Feb of 2012, I was asked to do an assignment with another group at Rio Tinto for 6 months. That 6 months actually turned into a year and a half, and I finished my contract assignment as an HR reporting advisor on September 30th, 2013  while on maternity leave. After my contract ended, the plan was to go back to recruitment. However, since Feb 2012, Rio Tinto had stopped hiring service and support positions and later, layoffs happened. My recruitment job was eliminated. Therefore, both positions I had were both gone, so what would happen after maternity leave?

WELL... I went back to work to help another group with a project until the end of December. And then got laid off. So... here's to my last day!

The project room I worked in for the last month and a half

My badge... remember when I was blonde?

My second desk - while I was an HR reporting advisor

See ya Rio... it's been real.

Time for the stay-at-home life :) I couldn't be more excited!

One of three white dresses

When Bree is 8, if she decides to be baptized, she will have a white baptism dress, and I plan on taking pictures of her wearing this crown in her white dress. When she gets married, I plan on taking another picture of her with this crown. It will be a wonderful keepsake for her to watch how she has grown. :)

Friday, December 27, 2013

Bree's First Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone!

It was so fun to watch Bree love her presents. She especially loved this jeep we got her. Her dad couldn't be more excited. :)

Eric's favorite gift was his concealed carry gun and was super excited. :) 

 And maybe so was Bree...

My favorite gift was an awesome lens for my camera.  

The tree

The mess :) A good, good mess.

And the best chocolate ever! :) Thanks babe!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas Eve!!

This picture - a wonderful Christmas card outtake - makes me laugh so hard. 

Nothing like saying you don't want your parents kissing you. 

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Bree's blessing day

We had Bree's blessing Sunday and it was beautiful. Eric gave her the blessing in our home, and many people attended (probably about 80). We felt so entirely loved for so many people to come to such an important event. 

Bree and her Papa

Bree and her Aunt Nat

Bree and her Grammy

My little family

Beautiful Bree

All the guests

Bree and her GG

GG, Bree and me

More guests

The blessing crew

And more guests :)

Aunt Nat, Addi, Bree and me

And Bree's granddad :)

So once Bree started being blessed...her crying began. I think it all started with her being held flat (instead of sitting up) and her thinking this means she is going back to sleep when she isn't ready. Afterwards, she just wasn't very happy. So... we took a picture to match her. :)

It was a wonderful day, and Bree looked so beautiful. We just love her. 

Thank you so much to all of you for coming and helping us share this special day!