Friday, January 31, 2014

January Instagram

This is what I wanna do on our road trip too. JEALOUS!

My poor baby. We are probably leaving her for the next few weeks. I feel so awful. She will have no idea where we went. :( 

Leaving Roxy for a few weeks. :( I miss her already. 

Even when her clogged tear duct gives her a bacterial infection that drips down to her nose resulting in a stuffy nose... She is still as smiley as ever. Love this cutie. 

Aunt Rach is making miss Bree laugh. It's hilarious.

Good morning from New Jersey :)

Out to lunch with a spiffy looking lawyer. Those two were called twins and Bree sat in a high chair for the first time. 

"I made my name!" As they type their names on Uncle's amazon search. :)

Evan and me getting the gun ready to shoot Uncle. :) hehe Love these boys.

Someone is LOVING this high chair thing... and her pop pop. :)

Jaden making Bree smile. :)

Someone got a BEAUTIFUL pedicure this morning by the boys :)


Talking to her pop

Doggy kisses for Baby Bree

"Presenting soapy nose"

Bree and Gabriella :) two little cuties

Thanks to some very sweet nurses who said it would be okay to wheel Gigi out to the waiting room... Bree got to meet her Gigi! :) Sorry for the overload of pics about to happen! :)

Pic 2 of 3 of Bree meeting her Gigi

Pic 3 of 3 of Bree meeting her Gigi

Happy 29th birthday to this goofy stud. Love you Eric!

She can see the big, tall buildings in Philly out the window. I can only imagine what she must be thinking. 

She's gonna miss her cousins!!

Miss Bree has fallen asleep in Rachel or Brian's arms all week before going to bed. I'm gonna need a new Brian/Rachel substitute when I get home. 

Bree and Grandmom - until next time Jersey!

This poor baby girl spent 20 minutes screaming blood murder - something I have NEVER heard her do. I couldn't console her in any way. Thank heavens for an awesome neighbor (Katie) and for Tylenol. Poor baby girl. I *think* she must be teething or something. We will see if this happens again. So yes... she gets to sleep in this little chair next to me all night instead of her crib. (Edit as I'm writing this: the doctor ended up telling us it's because of the plane. It can bother a baby HOURS after being on a plane and they will do this. :( )

Bad way to start your day...

She sees the phone and goes after it with both hands, open mouth, and this face. :)

They missed each other.

Tripod sitting is so old. Time for real sitting. This girl did this all day yesterday and is doing more this morning. When she usually would fall backwards or forwards, you can see her pull her abs tight and stop herself. I love watching her learn new things.  

This is how my baby watches her beloved Seahawks win the game. On to the Super Bowl!!! Hurray!

Is that really the same baby? Love her. 

This kid... she is amazing. I just love her. I never knew I could love someone like this. I love every single thing about her. She's wonderful. I'm so grateful to be her mama. 

She's taken this interest in the cats. She used to just sit and stare at them but now she just wants to pet them. I don't think Chantelle is as excited about this. :)

Rocking the sunglasses. :)

"Mama...I just wanted you to buy me a new outfit. Apparently, you weren't listening and the only way to get it was to poop all over my other clothes." Well played Bree, well played. Note to self...Don't leave the diaper bag in the car. 

And this little lady gets a new car seat. Baby girl's first auto accident. :( Woke her up for a second, and she went right back to sleep. PS getting rear-ended sucks.... or maybe it's the whiplash part. 

Ski day! Thanks Erika for watching Bree!!!! :)

Someone likes reloading with her daddy. :)

Dad - remember when we used to lay here and sleep? Oh no... Not anymore. It is time to play! Get up!


Mama said I wasn't allowed to suck on my fingers so I chose my toes. :)

This was supposed to be a post about how it melts my heart to watch Eric read to his daughter. And then THIS happened. Talk about a precious moment. She just loves him and I am so glad. 

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Poor Roxy

Back in the September, maybe earlier, Roxy had started sitting like a mermaid all the time. It was weird, but it didn't really seem TOO weird. A few months went by, and she started limping every time she got up. Eric blew it off as her just sitting on it too long, but I would take her running and see she wasn't really using it the same. Something WAS wrong. I took her to the vet, and he decided he thought that her acl was tearing. The surgery for that... $2000. 

Our friend, Christie, is in vet school becoming a vet, and her dad IS a vet. So, we talked to him about doing the surgery, and he would do it for $500. The downside... he's in Idaho. But, the price was too good to pass up.

So after Thanksgiving, we headed to Idaho. 

Eric played with Christie's kitties while we waited for them to get home.

And Bree met Christie :)

And her cat studied scriptures. hehe

And this cat did not like Roxy. 

Turns out...Christie's dad, Jim, thought that maybe she had bone cancer - from her xray. He wanted us to wait a month and come back and see what happened. Later that day, he looked at her when she wasn't sedated, and decided it wasn't bone cancer because it would hurt her when he pushed on her bones. But still decided a month wouldn't hurt to wait, and we were going to come back at Christmas. 

So we left, but first stopped by this huge cliff. Eric wants to go bridge jumping.

Anyway... right after New Years, we headed back out to Idaho.

Jim looked at her and decided that it had to be her ACL still, and was going to open her up. 

Surprise, surprise... her ACL was COMPLETELY torn. I mean, all the way gone. He couldn't even find the other side of it. So explain this to me...both vets thought there was no way she had already torn the thing because 1. she would not be using her leg, let alone RUNNING on it and 2. her knee would move back and forth a lot more. SOOO... how was she doing everything she was doing? Wow Roxy... you're amazingly strong? Aren't you?

And then we had to leave her there. Jim thought it would be best for her to stay while we were in Jersey. It was horrible leaving her.

After Jersey, we headed back to Idaho and got her. 

She was refusing to use her leg, but just started using it to go up and down the stairs - even though, she's not supposed to use the stairs. Jim said that we can have her use the stairs if it's helping. SO, we are, and she is doing so much better. She's finally using it to walk a little bit. We took the stitches out today and hope she will continue to get much better!!