Monday, March 24, 2014


On Thursday, I was going through and creating my blog books when I went through all the posts of us jeeping. Ever since Eric got ATV's, he hasn't been jeeping. After looking at all the pictures, I wanted to go so badly!! So when Eric got home, we jumped in the jeep and headed out to the mountain for a quick ride.

Bree fell asleep.

Tucker was super excited. :)

Then yesterday, I still wanted to go jeeping. Just go up AF and take a beautiful sunday ride. The dogs take up the back with Bree.

Tucker leaves his butt in the back, and puts his head up through the seats in front. 

Bree was awake this time, and looked pretty excited. :)

However, Roxy was ready to sleep. Or maybe just keeping Bree safe. 

When we got up to AF, the trails were closed. So, we got everyone out and went on a little hike instead. It was so beautiful.

Eric said these plants are called lamb's ears and that people take them and put them in their shoes - I think when they have a wound while hiking or something - because they are soft and act like a soft bandaid. My husband is incredibly knowledge about the most random, but useful, stuff. When you ask him how he knows all of this... does he say from school, reading, or something like that? NOPE... discovery channel. ha.

Tucker LOVES water. He wouldn't stay out of it. 

Even though it's been winter, look what's still growing a beautiful green color!

Eric said the bridge looked "unsafe" so he was going to use the log in the water. HAHA!

On our ride home, Bree was happy and ready to sleep. 

And again, Roxy tired too.

When we got home, I took Bree out of the car, sleeping, and saw that her cute little feet were sticking out. Awwwww.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Oh, the life I love

I was going to talk all about how Bree loves eating solid food, how she's so cute when she eats, and I love her...

BUT... that quickly turned into something else entirely. Maybe because it's early in the morning and I'm nostalgic... but whatever. :)

Bree is incredible. Until you become a mom or dad, I don't think you really understand what your parents, or your Heavenly Father, mean when they say "I love you." That phrase comes with so much meaning - it doesn't just mean "I love you" but it also means, I will always worry about you, care about you, want what's best for you, worry that I'm being the best parent to you, etc. 

Experiencing a miscarriage made me so much more grateful for being pregnant than I think I would have been if I didn't. I see it as a blessing now and it helps me NEVER take my little girl for granted.

I think because of how wonderful she is, I could do this all over again...and have another one. At the same time, I love her so much, do I really need another one? ;)

The night Bree was born, she went into the NICU. It's a weird feeling not having a baby inside of you moving around anymore. So, at 4 am, I was wide awake, and anxious to see my baby girl. She needed to sleep and get better, so I couldn't hold her or move her, but I so wanted to see her. I couldn't turn the lights on in her room, but snapped this picture of her. This one picture alone brings up a million different feelings of joy, happiness, and feeling amazingly blessed. 

This is fun... just for comparison, look how much Breelyn has grown.

She is a doll - this is her all ready for the beach this summer. I found this beach towel for her and it is so cute.

Her daddy hopes she loves to do all the things he does...I think this picture says it all. She will LOVE 4-wheeling. :)

It melts my heart every time Bree and Eric hang out. She loves him, and you can just tell how much he loves her. 

And... she's beautiful. Perfect and beautiful. And oh so smiley - my FAVORITE thing about her.

Now... on to what this blog entry was really supposed to be about. 

Bree LOVES her sippy cup. Sometimes I wonder if she is really understanding how to use it, or just likes to chew on it, but she loves it all the same. 

She also loves to eat food. Here she is chowing down zucchini. YUM.  

Lastly, I love this man. I'm so glad I married him. Best decision of my life. 

Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Apparently, this is the week of challenges. 

I've taken on quite a few this week. I've been feeling like I'm home every day...aka not working out of the I should be able to get a LOT more of my to-dos done. My to-do list complies SO many things, several of which, never get done. SO I made myself a daily schedule. Challenge #1: I plan to stick as close to it as possible so I can get my large to-do list DONE.

Challenge #2: As you know, I LOVE triathlons (who else do you know does two tris AND a duathlon WHILE pregnant? ;) ). Eric and I signed up for the river rampage tri in Green River, Utah - June 14th. However, it is an olympic tri. Something I haven't done in a long time AND that means completing a 10k. Also something I haven't done since I had knee surgery. So, it's training time! I'm running at least three times a week following my couch-potato to 10k program, biking 2-3 times, and swimming 2-3 times a week. So what is the challenge here? Getting my run back to a 10k! 14 weeks until the tri.

Challenge #3: I started p90x3 this week - and I plan to never miss a day and finish the program. It's 13 weeks long. I'll finish p90x3 the week before the tri. After the tri, I'll start another program - or redo p90x3. I like it cuz it's a half hour long and a good workout so far. :) Goals: be able to do 10 pull-ups by the end. 

Challenge #4: NO SUGAR until after the tri. When I did p90x, I gave up sugar for 90 days. It was amazing. And I sincerely hated desserts afterwards. So I'm giving it up again in hopes to get back to my healthy eating lifestyle. 

Challenge #5: Posting a "what makes me happy" post every day for 100 days. :) 

What does this all mean? Hopefully a lot of updates on my progress, while still updating what's been going on in our lives otherwise. 

Here's to accepting and crushing each of these challenges!

Saturday, March 1, 2014

February instagram

At Moochies....why yes, that is a plunger connected to a small rope then connected to several other plungers to mark off where to wait in line. Haha!

A girl and her dog

Go Seahawks! Washingtonian forever right here!

Oh Eli - how smart you are. Way to pick the winner for the seventh year in a row. Hey all you Super Bowl gamblers...might wanna start taking this guy's word a little more seriously. 

Everyone always says that Bree has Eric's eyes. I've never seen it...Until I took this picture. She really DOES have Eric's eyes. No denying he is the father. :)

Probably my nose, MAYBE my lips, but those eyes are all Eric's. Sorry for the post about it twice, but for real... it's kinda creepy. 

Roxy and Bree

A random insert...A picture I can't find was a post about how Rita's had chocolate water ice for the first time! :) Eric was so excited. 

Guess what she is smiling at...After your guesses, I'll post a second picture. :)

I LOVED your guesses Erin, Theresa and Christina. (Erin - She just loaded a diaper? Christina - The boob. :) Theresa - your camera? HAHAHHA) She was smiling at this. She thinks Kade and Addi are awesome.

Sage and Bree. Thanks for having us over Nat and Ethan!

She fell asleep like this. :)

I think someone might be excited to start solid foods next week. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeek. Awbrey - she loves her chair. 

Good morning world!

They are having a little chat..."Soon, I will try and bite your face...And your arms..."

Happy Valentine's Day! Outfit was a valentine gift from Anders asking her to "be mine". Oh young baby love. Angela - it took me forever to get a decent picture because she thinks the tutu part is amazing. 

Ashley - the problem with you sending me awesome stuff is....I need more. lol I am requesting black, pink, white and red leg warmers please. :) And to everyone reading this...You all need to start shopping at her store - link on her profile. She is amazing. Thanks Ashley!

I always give Bree a bath in her tub. But today, it occurred to me that she can sit so maybe she would like to sit in the tub with tah dah! 

This pretty lady turned 6 months yesterday. See my last two blog posts - one with her 6 month photos and one with her growth photos. 

Ski day! I love this picture cuz it's so not perfect in any way, but we are having a perfectly wonderful time! Thanks for watching Breelyn Nat!

She was sitting on my leg and leaned forward to touch Tucker. I let her lean forward a bit so she could reach him well, and she did this. Oh my gosh - how precious. 

Took her shots like a champ. Cried for a few seconds, then started smiling again. Feeding her first solid tonight... Ah!

Started with acorn squash. :)

First time in the bike trailer without her car seat. Seems to be loving it!