Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Washington Day 9

With our plane being scheduled for the next morning, we had time to meet up with Eric and Angela and eat breakfast! :) Loved the extra time with them.

Then we rode in the car like this so that all of us would fit. Gotta keep those babies safe! And yes, Eric and I are buckled. 

Bree sleeps with her feet like this. It's cute.

The left picture is WA.... the right picture is SLC. What the heck? Why was it so dark and gross?

We came home to this... thanks a lot Tucker. He does this when he is mad that Eric is gone. 

And yes, the pets were so happy to see him. ha.

All in all - it was a great trip!

Washington Day 8

Day 8 was our last day - we left that afternoon. So we took an early morning hike around Snoqualmie Falls. It's a beautiful waterfall close by.

After viewing the top from afar, you can walk down to where the bottom is. 

And sidenote... Bree has gorgeous eyelashes. lol

Then we got back, Theresa came over, and while Bree slept, we played monopoly. 

I got a text message from Southwest that our plane would be delayed by a half hour, so we left a half hour later than we were planning originally. 


We hit 1.5 hours of traffic...which gave us a half hour at the airport. Our plane had been delayed until 5 pm. I got to the gate at 4:50. The plane was gone. Apparently, if they can get the plane back on time, they will. And that's what they did. Somehow... our bags made it on. :( I was really upset - I just wanted to go home. But hey....

It meant dad and I would finish monopoly and we'd spend one more day in beautiful Seattle.

Washington Day 7

Eric has never been on a ferry like the ones in Seattle, so off we went, and Angela joined us!

Bree really likes feet - Anders' are no exception. 

We took the ferry to Bremerton and took a tour of the Turner Joy ship.

When we got back, we met up with Angela's Eric and rode the Seattle Great Wheel - one of the largest ferris wheels in the US. It goes over the water and is pretty cool.

And of course, you get to see all of Seattle - including the Space Needle.

Afterwards, Eric got us some pillows his company was throwing away - ha. Then we went home and had a party with all of cousins.