Thursday, April 3, 2014

And jeeping again! :)

I obviously didn't get enough jeeping in, so I made a jeeping trip with Eric's friends Brandon and Rob who we used to jeep with, and we went this last Saturday. I was so glad everyone could go, and it was so much fun. 

Roxy cracks me up. She always want to be next to Bree. 

And of course, Tucker up front. (And Jersey in the background.)

Brandon and Rob's kids are old enough to drive now, so they drove the trail. This is Brandon's wagoneer. 

And this is Eric jeeping.

Bree and I got out to walk and watch the jeeps go over all the big rocks. 

When we had a long part with no obstacles, we got in the jeep and Bree drove.

Bree and me


Rob's son Colton driving their jeep

And Eric driving over the rocks.

I love when you are jeeping that anybody else out there sits to watch you get up big obstacles. This was just a group that was in front of us trying to get their jeep up this obstacle. Everyone was helping guide the guy and watch him accomplish it. In the end, he had to roll back down because he couldn't get over it.

Eric tried it but had to come back down to approach it at a different angle.

These two little boys (just friends, not brothers - both 8 years old) had their own bikes. They were with one of the boy's dads and it was adorable. I can see Cory teaching Ambri and Lexi to do this.

Seattul and Bree (with Rob's daughter Katie in the background)

Rob's jeep going up it

And then time for Eric to try again

Eric got up like this.... 

And broke the leaf spring. :( Jeeping is over until he fixes it. Sad day. 

Rob used his jeep to winch Eric up the rest of the way, they took straps and strapped it all together, and we took the jeep home on a flat trail. 

And then we headed home - and everyone was tired. 

It was a wonderful trip and I hope Eric fixes it soon so we can all go again.

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Theresa Montemayor said...

Snapped the leaf spring right in half. Oh dear :-(
Brad thought these pics were cool!! I showed him LOL ;-)