Tuesday, April 1, 2014

March Instagram

In March, I started a challenge of putting up a pic a day (for 100 days) of things that I'm happy for. Some of the pics I didn't save... so I'll add a little note with an * so I can still have the text even though I don't have the picture. 

I know I'm biased....but she is so freaking adorable. In the last three days, I've been told: 1. "Get her on TV right now, she is so cute." 2. "She has the best eye shape ever." 3. She looks like my friend's kid as a baby - that means she will be gorgeous when she grows up." 4. "Is she always this smiley? She is the most adorable thing I've ever seen."

She kills me

Need a back massage? Bree gives great ones. :)

These yellow pants are fantastic. Even if they are a little loose around her waist and fall right off. They are too adorable. I want to dress just like her. :)

The fact that my husband can take the whole truck apart, lay it in pieces like this, and actually get that back together and make it work...is amazing. He is so talented.

This bird gets a lot of action... wanted or not.

Cousin love

I'm the luckiest mom ever...I wake up to this bundle of joy every morning.

Doing the 100happydays.com challenge! And as hard as it will be... after this photo, I will try my hardest not to make them all of Bree. ;) In fact, I'll try and make each post for the challenge a different "what makes me happy" post. No promises though... I tend to really love Bree and how happy she is. :) So for today... what makes me happy: this girl! :)

My family (dogs, cats and fish included) make me so happy (100happydays)

*Good, healthy breakfast with the hubs - eggs, grilled pineapple, grapes, toast and bacon! (100happydays)

*BBQing! (100happydays)

So maybe this flower is still a little too big for her... she's still adorable. :)

Great walk with friends and baby friends ending in a beautiful sunset. (100happydays)

Happy St. Patrick's day!

It makes me happy my pups are so gentle and sweet. Bree just loves them and they love her. (100happydays)

Everyone should always be this happy to wake up. :)

Best show ever! (100happydays) Also... this episode had me tear up today. Oh how things change after you have a baby yourself.

Baby gifts! Thanks Katie and Aiden for the pretty princess tiara.  (100happydays)

All right moms... how did you know you could stop swaddling your baby? She gets her arms out like a magician. And because of it, wakes herself up and won't go back to sleep cuz her arm is touching everything or flying about. It's worse if it's during a nap, cuz then her nap is cut short. Advice please!

*(100happydays) watermelon season! Booyah!

Someone was TIRED after her last meal of the day. I don't dare move her cuz this NEVER happens. I love snuggling with her. (100happydays)

A sunny and beautiful day for a hike! (100happydays)

Playing with Roxy's puppies is so much fun! (100happydays)

I write my blog for me so that eventually I can turn it into one of these books. Obviously, I'm missing 2010 - 2013. But today, I have completed 2010!!! HURRAY! Happy day! Can't wait to get it! (100happydays)

Do I have a problem on my hands? (stripping at 7 months old)

*I know Grey's Anatomy is such old news to everyone...BUT...I still love this show. I get so excited every time it's on. :) (100happydays)

Finding the waffle truck after hours and still getting some waffles :) delicious! (100happydays)

Jeeping! (100happydays)

When you have to do sharing time at church, but your baby is still sleeping, you leave her home with her daddy... (That's a dog bone if you're wondering).

I'm happy knowing that my hubby can get up in the morning to his lunch waiting for him. :) (100happydays)

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Breelyn is such a cutie!