Saturday, May 31, 2014

Bree's surgery

When Bree was born, she had a little "cut" on the top of her head. When we questioned doctors about what it was, they said it happened with birth. This always confused me... they didn't put anything on her head, so what part of birth did it come from? Weeks later, when we questioned our pediatrician - Chris Foster - about it, he said it was kind of like a mole and to see a dermatologist because they can cause cancer. We went to the dermatologist who told us that it can turn cancerous after Bree hits puberty, so it's just something we should take out before she hits puberty, and to take it out sometime when she is school age. He said there was no reason to take it out on such a young baby. He said it is called a nevus sebaceous. 

A while down the road, we went to the pediatrician, and I saw a different doctor  - Kathy Caldwell - who said, you know she has a nevus sebaceous right? HA. Why couldn't they had just told me that before I went to the dermatologist. Oh well. I asked Kathy why I shouldn't get it out now, and she said because it won't grow, but a scar would, so it's better to wait until her head is bigger to get it taken out. Ah, gotcha. Makes sense.

Later, it started changing from all orange to redish orange. I asked Kathy about it and she said to take her to the dermatologist at Primary Children's just to get it checked out. Dr. Sheryl Vanderhooft told me that it WILL grow, and that they don't need to take them out as often anymore because only SOME turn cancerous. Hey lady... any chance of cancer... take it out. She said if we wanted it out, we had to wait until she was 1. She also explained that it's not a mole type thing, but oil glands that overproduced when she was being made, and they will act like oil glands later -where they would get zits and everything. Not to mention, Bree doesn't grow hair there, so she would have some weird bald spot there. 

That day, I was so confused on what to do. If it is going to grow, why leave it in? Take it out and have a chance that the scar won't change. After researching a lot on the internet, I found out that people go to plastic surgeons to get them removed. DUH! So I scheduled three different plastic surgery consults. All three doctors said to take it out now because the scar will heal better now, she will be more compliant with not touching it and bothering it now, and she only has a small amount of hair to shave off, then a full head of long locks. So, we picked Dr. Siddiqi as our surgeon.

This is what the nevus sebaceous looks like.

On May 16th, we headed up to Primary Children's for the surgery. 

Poor Bree had a temp and we were sent home. She was sick for the next week and a half. Poor baby. :(

We re-scheduled surgery for sometime in July, but also asked to be put on his cancellation list. There was a cancellation for May 30th, so off we went!

Bree has a little bit of separation anxiety from me and I was really worried they would take her from me, and she would cry and cry until they put her to sleep. I requested to go back with her until she went to sleep, and they let me. :) 

After she fell asleep, I kissed her on the head, and left. They did the surgery, and I waited FOREVER (only an hour, ha) until they were done. 

I went back to her, and fed her for 30 minutes between two rooms - the room they brought her to, and the recovery room. She was STARVING. (She normally eats for about 6 minutes.)

She had to have this "hat" of bandages on to keep pressure on the wound. 

And this was the little mask they put on her mouth and nose to make her go to sleep. 

And then we headed home. Bree had these little arm restraints on so she wouldn't touch her hat, but I took them off because she wasn't bothering with it.  

And then, we got home, and she took her normal nap. During that nap, her hat scooted off like this.

After speaking with the doctor's office, they said to remove it and try and keep the bandages on. Bree did not like those bandages. 

So after 1,000 tries of keeping something on, I spoke with the on-call plastic surgeon who said to lather it in neosporin so it didn't get an infection, and keep her head elevated so it doesn't swell. Done and done. 

Bree's head all stitched up. :(

Hopefully it all heals well and it will be like a part in her hair that no one ever notices. :)

Friday, May 30, 2014

Theresa and Brad visit!

On Saturday, May 24th, Theresa and Brad flew into Utah! We ate at the waffle truck, and Eric took them shooting. Sunday, they went to Antelope Island, and then we had dessert together - see previous post. We went to SLC on Monday, and went and saw some of the cool things up there, until we were ready to eat. 

The Beehive house - Brigham Young's house

This wall was completely painted by hand. SO MUCH WORK. The details in the woodwork are crazy awesome in this house. 

Bree outside of the temple. 

We ate at Bruge's Waffles and Frites. Always so good! And then headed home.

Us girls went on a walk with Erika and Krew.

And then jumped on her trampoline.

We went to Tucanos and Bree broke a plate. Nice Bree.

And Brad had a million chicken hearts. SICK.

And Theresa couldn't get enough of the pineapple :)

We drove up squaw peak to watch the sunset. 

The next day, we went 4-wheeling. The babies rode in the jeep. 

And then we ended having a fire in the canyon, eating hot dogs and s'mores. Delicious. 

The next morning, Theresa and Brad left. :( 

It was so much fun having them here! I hope we get to do it again soon. 

Monday, May 26, 2014

My b-day

For my birthday party this year, I planned a fun-run! We used our river trail and went just over a half mile out and half mile back. You could run or bike, or scooter, or whatever you wanted!

After it was over, we had an award ceremony - 1st, 2nd, and 8th place for each category - running or wheels. (Ya know... since I turned 28)


Josh rode a longboard, Brindy was on a bike (her baby won in their bike trailer :) ), and Ashley was on rollerblades.

I won the run, well Bree technically :), but didn't give myself the first prize. haha Our runners did great!

Ethan got a prize for running it twice since he went back to run with the rest of his family and Add got a prize for being the announcer.

We had all sorts of yummy cupcakes and ice cream.

And camo cake pops!

The next day was my actual birthday, and the Schofield's had me down for dinner. It was DELICIOUS.

It cracks me up how much Kade loves stuff Eric does.  

Later that evening, Eric made apple crisp and Theresa and Brad (who came to visit from WA), came over for dessert and apples to apples. It was super yummy!

I had to blow out candles on leftover cupcakes because the apple crisp would have melted them. And it is NECESSARY to blow out candles on your birthday - as many candles as you are old!

Thanks to everyone who made my bday so fun! 

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Add's b-day

Today it was Add's birthday. After presents and cake/ice cream, we went on a walk/bike ride. Eric stole Add's bike. It was hilarious watching him ride such a little bike.

Down the trail, water had flooded everywhere. So we had some fun.

Eric decided to jump in where the water was coming up from. Crazy boy. It was FREEZING.

Addi and Bree :)

I always love hanging out with Nat/Ethan/Kade/Addi. I'm so glad they are my family. And I love it even more that Bree and her cousins love each other. It's just so fun!

Happy Birthday Add!!!! I can't believe you're already 8. How time flies!