Monday, June 30, 2014

Bree has teeth!

Bree finally got her first tooth - her bottom left.  She was 10 months and 2 days old - June 18th. 

Katie helped me hold her mouth open while I took a photo. 
How is teething you ask? Actually, not bad. All she does differently is get a little extra clingy and wake up at 6 instead of 730/8. Then the next day, she wakes up on time, and I see a tooth that has popped through!

Bree started eating a rock... and Eric didn't stop her. ha. Just laughed and laughed. Guess she learned that from Tucker.

Bree likes to help me empty the dishwasher, but since it was already empty, I guess she thought the next best thing would be to sit on it. 

And Bree had her first bite of cheesesteak meat. No cheese - just the meat. Naturally, she loved it.


on June 29th, Bree cut another tooth. Bottom right this time.

And she also waved hi for the first time today - a few times in a row after saying "hi" to her. So cute.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

What an adventure

Eric has wanted to buy a cabin or property for a cabin forever. He has gone and looked at them before down by fairview, but has never taken me, so we took Kade, Addi, and Bree and went on an adventure. 

On the way, we saw them herding sheep. There were tons. Eric accidentally got a baby separated from it's mom. :( Hopefully they found each other.

We atved (or side-by-sided lol) around the properties, and looked at some cabins as well. One of the cabins had a fire pole in it and the kids said we were buying that one -they didn't like any others (even though we had only seen that one haha)

Afterwards, we went to the farmer's market in provo and ate some fiore pizza. 

And after that, went to Hailey's baby shower. Her baby girl is due on August 18th. 
Bree was in love with her necklace. So much so, that she didn't even want me holding her - just wanted Hailey and her necklace. So cute. Congrats Hailey!

We met up with Nat and Ethan for dinner at cubby's and it was delicious. Thanks guys! 

Friday, June 27, 2014


On June 24th, Bree, Nat and I hiked the Y. It was so much fun, and honestly, got me on a hiking kick. Nat's friend came with us and she was talking about how she wanted to hike the Y 100 times. This was her 92nd time. 

Her goal made me want to have a goal. So here's mine...

I'm going to hike all the mountain letters surrounding me in Utah. I googled it and found on wikipedia that there are 72 letters or combination of letters in the whole state. However, as I've been going through the list, and doing google earth to see if there really is a letter where they say, I've found some don't exist. Eric also told me some you can't get to anymore - like the B by the mine. Therefore, as soon as I have complied my list, I'll let you know my full goal. :) 

Today, we hiked battlecreek falls. It was beautiful and I loved it. Bree thought it was awesome too. :)

Hopefully soon I'll have my letter list done!!

6th Anniversary

We share our anniversary with our friends, Chelsea and DJ. They celebrated 5 years and we celebrated 6. To celebrate, we went boating together! IT WAS SO FUN! And Bree had a blast!!

This is how Bree naps on a boat. :)

Eric wakeboarding

Eric climbed this rock so he could jump off of it. 

DJ followed suit.

Bree hung out and drank her water. A boat really suits her lifestyle.

I got to go skiing! Last year, I was pregnant, and couldn't ski all summer. So glad we've already gone out boating this year! :)

Bree's first time tubing!

Us girls jumped off and Eric went CRAZY tubing

And DJ and Chelsea had a calm ride. 

We ate lunch up on the beach. 

Then a storm started coming through, so Bree and DJ drove the boat back to shore, and we went home. It was SO much fun. Thanks for taking us Chelsea and DJ!

Monday, June 16, 2014

Lexi, mom and dad visit

My mom owns a house in Provo that us kids used to live in when we went to BYU. However, she wants to sell it now - she's done renting it. Alexa's friend was getting married in WA, so Alexa flew to WA, and then drove down with my mom to Utah so my mom could be here to get the house fixed up. It was so fun seeing Lexi. MOVE HERE LEX! After a few short days, Alexa flew back to Ohio.

We worked on the Provo house a TON.

Bree loved the trips to Home Depot. This cart is her favorite thing. 

Eric worked a lot on the house as well, and I think had the most fun cutting down this tree with his chain saw. :)

While I painted inside, Bree watched her daddy work outside. When he would look at her, she would just laugh and laugh. Then she would keep hitting the window over and over to get his attention.

One of the days, my mom came with me to get my hair done. Bree sat on this couch and her legs looked SO long.

I went blonde. :)

Kade and Addi came over that week too, and we had to run to Home Depot again. Again, Bree loved the cart. She kept stealing Add's steering wheel too. She really needed both. haha.

We went to Sodalicious for drinks. 

The next morning, we went swimming at the Legacy center. I had to sit and watch because Bree couldn't put her head in the water yet. 

When the house was almost ready to go, my dad flew down so he could drive back with my mom, and we finished up the last few things. Bree is definitely a daddy's girl. Already trying to use her daddy's tools. :) 

On Father's day, we had breakfast with my dad, then had dinner for my dad and for Eric. Bree drew him a beautiful picture. 

The next day, my mom and dad drove back to WA.

It was great seeing my family, and I'm glad the provo house is finally done. I hope it sells quickly for my mom!