Thursday, July 24, 2014

Foam Day

Today, on Pioneer Day, Lehi does something called Foam Day! They spray a ton of this foam, and it's amazing. However... as much as Bree loves water - she HATED the foam. It completely shocked me.

Erika and Krew came with us, along with Stephanie and the twins she nannies. So glad Krew is able to go out and about now.

All the babies loved their free watermelon. It surprises me because Bree has been so weird about liking watermelon. The first time she tried it, she loved it. The next few - not so much. And on foam day, it was great! ha.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Hiking the P

Next on the letter list was the P in Payson, UT. 

The coordinates to the P are: 40.0249 degrees N and 111.7163 degrees W.

The google map directions are pretty accurate. However, when you get to this street - 600 E, you're going to look for this weird gravel/dirt road on your left. If you go down into the mountains, you've gone too far.

This is 600 E and what it looks like right when you get to the gravel/dirt road above.

When you get to the end of the road, there will be a gate. You can go park around it as you'll see from our silver audi on the left.

Park, and then walk over towards that gate (but on the other side) and you'll see these two trails. Either of them will go to the P. 

And after you take one of those, either of these will also go to the P. 

Once you stop running into trails that are either/or trails :) go towards the left.

Then, go to the right and up the hill.

All of a sudden, you will get to it, and may not even realize it. You'll be at the VERY bottom of it. 

Tah dah! You're there!

The hubs climbing up to the P.

Sitting at the top of the P.

All of us! 

The P is made of rocks and is painted pink and white.

This is the view.

The doggies enjoyed it too.

I highly recommend holding on to these posts as you go up or down it. SO helpful. You'll see them all on the sides of the P.

And there you have it! Now on to the next letter!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Hiking the G

My new goal is to hike the letters on the Utah mountains - see my previous post about hiking the "Y". Wikipedia says there are at least 72 words or letters on the Utah mountains. I've been going through and making an excel sheet of what letters I can actually hike to - if they really exist or not. I've used google earth to verify that they are actually where they say they should be. After going through most of the list, I've decided my first goal will be to hike all the letters that are within an hour of my house. 

There are 12 letters within an hour - I've already completed the Y (previous post) and the G (post below). 

The next 10 are:

1. B in Cottonwood Heights
2. B in South Jordan - (Eric says I can't legally get to this because it's on Kennecott's this may be a no go.) 
3. H in SLC
4. P in Payson
5. U in SLC
6. B in Bountiful
7. C in Magna
8. T in Eureka
9. V in Centerville
10. PC in Park City

So, now... hiking the G in Pleasant Grove, UT - right next to Battle Creek Falls. This hike is not very well marked at all. I had found directions in a news article I found online, but they didn't really help a ton. I also found a blog entry someone wrote, but it didn't give good guidance either. SO... here are some detailed pictures about how to get to the hike.

In Pleasant Grove, go to Kiwanis Park - located at the end of 200 south. You'll park in the parking lot, and you'll see the trail to Battle Creek falls, and this huge sign on the left to Kiwanis Park.

As you cross over the bridge under the "Kiwanis Park" sign, you'll see this pavilion. If you are looking at the pavilion like I'm looking at it in this picture, you will stay on the left side and go around to the far side. 

So that you are now facing like this. This will put the pavilion on your right side, and the water fountain on your left side. Right in front of you, there are several trails. You want to pick the one directly in front of you. I've marked it here with a yellow star. 

Here's another view of it:

You'll follow that trail for just a tiny bit - maybe 100 feet - and see a firepit on your right hand side. On your left side, you'll see this:

And you can start heading up! This is the trail to the "G".

Once you start heading up the trail, you'll get to a point where you'll see this huge thing. It's behind a bush, so you don't really see it until you get past the bush. 

Just keep following the trail up - you'll see the "G" several times. You'll also see a few different little trails that go off of the main trail. I'm not sure where they all lead but it should be pretty obvious that you need to keep going up. 

Once you are almost to the "G", you'll get to a fork in the trail. One way goes up and is steep, and the other looks like a switch back. We took the switch back instead of trying to go up the steep hill (right path in this picture).

And then we made it to the G!

The G is made up of a bunch of metal that looks just like this. 

There were some other people up there that took our picture for us. This is at the bottom of the G. 

If you continue around to the right side of the G, you can walk up some stairs and then a steep dirt path to get to the top of the G. I recommend some very good shoes to do this. Especially with a baby on your back. ;)

At the top of the G

I LOVE that Bree is also doing muscles in this picture :)

There were sharpies at the top so you could write your name. :) Eric wrote this and I wrote Bree Hall later on.

We headed back down the path which goes way faster than going up. 
Sidenote: if you're doing this in the heat of the summer, make sure to have lots of water. Also, the path is narrow, so there aren't a lot of places to stop and rest. Once you get closer and closer to G, there's more room. 

After trying to get from the top of the G to the bottom and being a little bit scared, Eric took Bree. I was really afraid of slipping with her from the top of the G to the bottom of the G. So he just kept her for the hike down.

It's a very beautiful hike- the view is just gorgeous. I definitely recommend it.

Add's baptism

Addi got baptized yesterday. It was wonderful.

I love seeing her and Bree together. They are both so cute.

Add after her baptism, with Bree.

All of us girls with Rick photobombing the background. Ha.

After Bree woke up from her nap, everyone got up to go do their own thing, and Crewe said bye to Bree, and it was just way too cute.

After we got home, we waited for it to cool off outside, and then went and hiked the "G". The second of the letters of the mountain I plan on doing. Pictures to come in a separate post.