Thursday, August 28, 2014

Gym Class

Bree and I went to a intro gymnastics class with Krew and the twins. Krew and the twins are actually enrolled, but Bree is just coming to see what it's all about.

We had a lot of fun going! 

However, we won't be signing up because it is SO expensive for something that I can teach Bree myself. So when she's older, she can join a gymnastics club if she wants. :)

Monday, August 25, 2014

Thanksgiving Point Farm

Because we have the Thanksgiving Point pass now, we headed up to the farm. Bree HATED it. I don't know how she can love our dogs and cats so much and hate other animals. These mini ponies are basically as big as Tucker. But she still hated it. She was almost getting used to them, and letting me put her on one, when the horse sneezed and she freaked out. ha.

This is her Aunt Stephie - you are MINE! Get these twins away. 

I rode my bike to the farm, and on my way there, and back, saw this movie set for Wild Horses with James Franco. Too bad James Franco wasn't there. 

Bree riding by the movie set

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Bree's FIRST bday!!

Eric was able to take Bree's birthday off so we had her party on her actual birthday. I was so excited! My family arrived the night before for BYU ed week, so this was perfect. 

Last night of being a "month" old. Sleeping to age 1!

1-yr-old Bree with her ultrasound pic. 

Bree's party was a lemonade stand theme. I think the stand turned out so cute. The sign comes off for easy storage. The kids can use it as they get older to actually sell lemonade - or whatever else they want. 

We had an inflatable pool that we filled up with ball pit balls instead of water. A canopy for people to stay under because it was SO hot, and a table with a guest book. We also had two big balls, and hula hoops for big kids to play with.

We had some lemon bars, some lemon and strawberry cupcakes all with pink and yellow frosting, a pink lemonade pretzel dessert, watermelon and pineapple. 

Bree loved opening presents.

Bree didn't want anything to do with her cake. She hates touching things that are icky, so I'm not surprised. I ended up taking some of the cake out of her to try, and she tried some but didn't want to touch the frosting. 

I love when lots of people come to parties. Makes it so much more fun.

After the party, Bree slept and then we had dinner. Bree tried on her daddy's sunglasses. She's that cool.

After dinner, we went to the museum of curiosity. It was really cool. I ended up buying a thanksgiving point pass after that for Bree and me to go whenever we want. We only had 20 minutes before it closed, so Bree played in this table the whole time. Apparently we need one at home. :)

Happy first birthday Bree! We love you so much!