Friday, September 19, 2014

Upstairs remodel

These pictures are really bad BUT, I decided to teach gymnastics from my house which resulted in redoing the loft. I LOVE how it turned out and I will start gymnastics in October. :)


Deciding what yellow to use

Everything out of the way, and primer on the walls.

Shopping for the furniture at ikea - Bree loved riding the cart.

Painting the hallway gray.

Painting done, and furniture going up.

And voila! The mirror cabinet is for all of Bree's toys. The bar on the right Eric made me for my gymnastics class.

And this side is where all the movies will go. 

Then, when our kids are older, we can say, hey go play upstairs! And they can play, or watch a movie, or what not. AND I can still use the room for gymnastics. PERFECT.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Hand, foot and mouth disease

On Saturday, Bree came down with a very high fever, but no other symptoms. So we stayed inside, and her fever broke on Sunday morning. Sunday evening, we went to Stephanie's for dinner, and my friend, Katie, texted me and asked how Bree was. I told her she was fine but had these weird dots on her hand - and I thought maybe she got bit by a bug and that's where her fever came from.

Katie responded and said she thought it was hand, foot and mouth. I looked up pics of it online and wanted to cry. I really didn't want Bree getting those creepy blisters all over her body! The next morning, I was so grateful when she didn't have any more. 

I called the nurse all morning to try and see if she did have that, and the lines were always busy. So I made an appt for their last appt of the day and went in. And I was shocked. She did have it. She just had a very mild case. She didn't have anything in her mouth - thank heavens! And only the little dots on her hand. The doctor also found some blisters on her feet that I call invisible blisters because you could only see them with a flashlight. 

This is a few days later - healing all up. 

And now that her feet are healing, you can see where she had the blisters. 

So glad she's getting better now. It still is so crazy to me that she had hand, foot and mouth. Today would be the first day I would have known something was way off because these dots would have showed up, and I would have gone to the doctor who would tell me she had the disease a few days ago. Ha. No wonder it's so contagious. 

I'm just glad her case was mild because now she shouldn't get it again, and it really wasn't bad at all! That's a huge plus. 

Monday, September 15, 2014

Museum of Curiosity with Kade/Addi

The Schofields are going to move so we are trying to play as much as we can before they leave us to Boise. 

We met up at the museum of curiosity and Add had fun putting on a show with Bree. 

This is the floating head of Bree. Kinda creepy. ha.

Bree found this piano and loved holding the keys down.

We climbed up in the net system and sat Bree up in this plane. 

Kade and Add are such good cousins and we are going to miss them so much!

Saturday, September 13, 2014

The Dirty Dash Take 2

Back in 2010, I did The Dirty Dash. As you can remember, I had knee surgery a year later from hurting my knee there. When my friend Melissa asked me to do it again this year, I wanted to say no, but ended up saying yes.

It was a lot of fun! And I didn't hurt anything this time! The biggest difference between the first year and this year is that everyone just walks it now instead of actually running. So that was kind of lame - I kept having to say "on your left" to people and they would just laugh because hey, who RUNS a race. Weirdos. 

This is us all clean before the race.

This is my attempt at trying not to get muddy within the first two minutes. 

This is us at the finish line. I had my fitbit on my bra so I tried keeping my chest above the mud at all times. I mostly succeeded. 

After we washed off for the most part and changed. 

Thanks Melissa for a fun race!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Bree has more teeth!

Bree got her first top tooth on September 7th. 

And today, sported her second top tooth. 

I lost my last baby tooth at 17, so I'm sure she will take her sweet time getting these teeth in. 

Tuesday, September 9, 2014


Stephanie and I were leaving the house today to go to Thanksgiving Point when Steph said, "oh, Jack!" and pointed at the door. I turn around and see Chet like this. And I, of course, had to snap a picture of him before letting him out. Doesn't he look like the perfect Halloween cat?

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Museum of Curiosity

Today, Krew and Bree played the museum of curiosity. We got to explore a lot more this time.

Bree kept climbing up the stairs to go down the slide. She LOVES slides. 

After a while, she decided the stairs weren't the way to go back up. Ha.

It was cute watching her try to go up the slide, then slide down, and just try over and over again. So determined.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Ogden Temple Open House

There were two days left for the Ogden Temple Open house and we didn't have tickets. We decided to try and get in anyway. As luck might have it, there wasn't even a line for the stand-by people and we got in and out. It was perfect. Temples are so pretty and this one is no exception. 

We met the Leckers there and Abby wanted to be in the picture too. 

Beautiful temple- beautiful day. 

Afterwards, we ate at Zaxbys. It was delicious!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Girl's Night Out

Today, a bunch of girls from the neighborhood were going out to celebrate some birthdays. I had a few minutes before I needed to leave, so we met up with Krew to play in the sand. When it was time to go, I told Bree we had to leave and she just waved bye at me. Guess she was staying with Erika. I told Erika when she was done to drop Bree off at home with Eric and I left. While I was out, she sent me all these cute pics. Awwwww.

The clan at Texas Roadhouse

The birthday girls riding the "horse" - just a saddle on a stool. 

When I got home around 8:45 pm (Bree should be in bed by 8), I walked in and Bree came out from behind the couch... nice parenting Eric. 

I don't think she minded one bit being up late. :)