Friday, November 21, 2014

Bree lately

A new sleeping spot for Bree. It was definitely time for a nap after this happened. 

And after this too. :)

We've been watching Tony for the Schofield family, and Bree just loves him and thinks she should ride him. He odesn't seem to mind too much.

Using dad's sock as a scarf

And helping mom in the kitchen 

I love when Bree wants to be with her daddy. The two kill me.

And she has to be like daddy as well. Those are some big feet you have Bree!

And Bree loves to eat olives - especially on her fingers. 

Love her!

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Christmas Trees

Chelsea, DJ, Eric, Bree and I went and picked out and cut down our Christmas trees together. We did this once before and it was SO fun. The trees we got were so pretty too. I can't wait to have it up and decorated. 

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Halloween Festivities

For Halloween, Bree and Krew went to the ward trunk or treat and LOVED getting candy.

When it was time for bed, she got mad when I tried to take the bucket away from her. I had to leave it in her sight so she would go to sleep. Maybe she thought I would eat it all. :)

On real Halloween, we went around to a few houses. Bree LOVED it. 

Then we came home and she sat at the end of our annual halloween maze stealing candy from the bowl. 

For our maze, we got these skin costumes and Eric stood in the maze as a mummy scaring people. 

Bree was pretty frightened by him and then figured out it was just her daddy.

It was a great night. I love our halloween maze and I look forward to doing it every year. 

I also can't wait until Bree gets to trick-or-treat next year. She just loves it so much.