Sunday, April 3, 2016

520 10k

I needed a race to sign up for, and this was the perfect opportunity- running across the new 520 floating bridge! It was amazing. It was my first 10k race since the twins, the views were utterly breathtaking as you stood at the highest point on the bridge, and looked down at the water on both sides - still on one side, and wavy on the other. It was amazing to see it that way - stopped as a person, and not driving quickly by. It was so cool. I'm so proud of myself for accomplishing this, and am excited for my next running goals!

Eric did the race with me, but stopped 1.5 miles in, and turned around and waited for me. He snapped this picture as I ran off. 

Photos from the event - so they have marks all over them so you can print them yourself. But, I still think they are cool.

I saw the camera guy and tried to smile and pump my fist. Instead, I just look exhausted. HA!

Afterwards, Bree ran her own kids race. She did a lot of it, but then just wanted to be held since she had taken a nap during the 10k and is NOT a good "morning/after nap" person. 

Eric's "Safety 3rd" shirt from the Schofields

And the twins stayed with MacKenzie who dropped us off at the race, and then drove them around while we finished the race. Thank you Kenz!!