Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Dirty Thirty!

I don't know why "dirty thirty" is a saying, but the amount of people who said happy dirty thirty to me was... well, quite a lot. ha.

First, my mom took me out to get all snazzy! Nails done, a facial AND a massage. It was SO wonderful. And I'm just now realizing I barely have any pictures from all of these events! I went home to feed the twins, shower and get Eric, and when I did, Bree presented me with the most beautiful card ever. I love being a mom. It reads: happy thirty years, made by Bree, best mom ever.

After which, Eric took me go-kart racing, but they were closed for a special event until 4. So, we decided to do something else and as we were leaving, we saw the Escape Room. So we went in and did that, and it was SO fun. I would totally do one again, but we need more people than just the two of us next time! When we were done, it was after 4, so we decided to go back to go-kart racing. :) We did a lap, and then took this picture, and I have no idea why it is so blurry, but I still like it. 

After all the fun events, we met Kenzie and Jarad at my parents and went out to dinner at Frankie's pizza. It is closing soon, and I have never been there, so thought I should try it. Kenzie was right - their pizza isn't good, but their pasta was. 

And then we went back to my parents to eat apple crisp that my mom made me. I LOVE apple crisp. It was delicious!! 

I felt so loved by everyone on Facebook, and again on Instagram. These special posts really brightened my day. :)

The next day, we went out to dinner at Red Robin with Eric and Angela. Again, no pictures. What is wrong with me?!

On Memorial day, we celebrated my birthday with the family, and this cool rainbow showed up. 

And again, my mom made more apple crisp. Oh how delicious it is! I tried to find 30 candles to put on it, but was unsuccessful. 

Thank you to everyone for making my birthday so awesome!

PS I wanted an apple watch so badly, and my family did a group gift and got it for me! Pictured in the above photo. YAY!

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Trip for Dolly

Eric's grandmom and aunt were visiting Sally in Utah, so Eric planned a road trip. 
We stopped in Boise first to join Addi for her birthday. 

Bree took a nap and wanted to sleep with Add's philly fanatic. She's adorable.

We got some frozen yogurt, and Bree loved it. 

I told Bree to get her suitcase and it kinda dropped down the stairs, but landed perfectly on the railing. 

On Add's birthday, Nat, Add, and I got pedicures. They were amazing. Thanks Nat!

And we ate at chik-fil-a and these two had so much fun together.

Then, we drove, with Kade, Addi, and her friend Natalie, to Utah. Bree slept on Eric like this one night. It made me laugh.  

The kids helped open the pool, and it was FREEZING. Bree still got in and loved it.

I was finishing Whole 30, so I had these bell peppers as a snack, and Colette thought they were for her. 

Colette also started waving hi every time Kade waved hi at her. Adorable. 

I went to Aidyn's dance recital, and she did amazing. She's so cute and I miss living right next door.

That night, I also went to Texas Roadhouse with my friends. It's always so fun to go back and get together with this bunch. It's like we haven't even been apart. Mary-Anne showed us her long arm, selfie expert skills. :)

We went to Becca's and the kids took a break from playing to read books. I love that Delilah is reading one too.

And I LOVE this picture of Bree and Aidyn. 

My sister and I went running one night after going to a Brighton-a-day birthday party for Brighton Tenney- who passed away a while back. :( The foundation they have made is awesome. Go check it out at brightonaday.com. 

We ate at waffle love because, well, duh... it's DELICIOUS. They have added so many new flavors, and their menu isn't in chalk anymore - its permanent! WHAT??!?!

Steph, Eric and I went shooting and we went around collecting clay pigeons first from the day before when Eric went shooting with his buddies. It was just like childhood times. 

Eric didn't have earmuffs so he used ammo in his ears. HA!

We went to Tucanos for my bday with Chelsea, DJ, Brian, Becca and Steve. And I didn't take any pictures - dang it!

We headed back to Boise and watch Nat graduate from yoga teacher training. Congrats Nat!  

Then, we headed back to Boise, and when Bree had to say goodbye to Kade and Addi, it was the saddest thing ever. She loves them so much. 

And this kid kills me. He's always telling me he's catching up with me in height - and he's totally right! When did he grow up!?!?

And then we headed back to WA. And I didn't take a single picture of the kids with Dolly because everybody else did! Whoops!

Sunday, May 8, 2016

What about you?

Growing up, mother's day was all about my own mother. The woman who raised me, gave birth to me, did my hair, dressed me, gave birth to me, changed all my diapers, dealt with me through crazy teenage years, took me to doctor appointments, gave birth to me, taught me, nurtured me, cared for me, gave birth to me, took me to school, took me to gymnastics, helped me get better at violin and viola, gave birth to me, helped me love others, taught me compassion, saved me from getting in trouble, fed me, spent 9 months knowing me before anybody else, oh, and did I mention... gave birth to me. (Happy Mother's Day Mom!!!)

Fast forward 25 years. I sat there in a room filled with women who had children. I watched them as they collected their flowers, their presents, their special reminders of how wonderful they were - for they were mothers, and this was Mother's Day. And I tried my best to put on a happy face. But no one wished me a happy Mother's Day and no one gave me flowers, or sent any appreciation my way. And why should they? I didn't have any children.

We drove home, and I wept. What about me? This should have been my Mother's Day. I hated that day with every ounce of my being. The day that reminded me that I was not actually a mother, that I did not have children, that my pregnancy resulted in a miscarriage, and that for all intents and purposes, this was not my day.

And now, I sit here and type this as my 2-year-old brushes my hair and uses my hair-tie as a hat, then turns, grabs my face and gives me a kiss, then rubs her nose on mine and gives me "eskimos." She loudly exclaims, "happy mom's day!" In the other room, my twins are sleeping soundly. My heart is full. And I... I am a mother, and there is no denying that. Today, flowers were given, calls and texts have been made pronouncing my motherhood. And there's nothing like the reminder of my daughter asking for more cereal, and more apples - which in turn, she tries to feed me - that shows me, that in fact, I am a mother. And this is my day.

But...what about you? What about you... who had their motherhood title stripped from them when you were told your baby no longer had a heartbeat? What about you...who carried that baby 9 long months, to deliver a baby who would only take a few breaths, and leave your arms? What about you...who sat there and delivered a tiny, lifeless child? What about you...who waits and waits for someone to pick you as their mother? What about you...who can't ever bear children but so longs to have your own?

To you, I say, Happy Mother's Day. HAPPY Mother's day. You...YOU are a mother.

And heck, all you dog (or cat, or some other animal) lovers out there are also mothers. Mothers to precious animals that depend on you.

So hey, to all of you mothers, I wish you a very, very happy Mother's Day.