Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Halfway through the year

Remember those resolutions I made? Let's see the progress.

1. I did SO well running 6/7 days a week all the way through my 10k in April. Then we moved into the new house, and started doing so much work that my running took a turn for the worst. So, I'm recommitting to doing it all over again. 6/7 days baby! But also patting myself on the back for doing that for 4 months. That's still a pretty great accomplishment. Now for the next 6!
2. Blog once a week. HAHAHHAAHAHH! This did not happen. I'm fixing that now. I need to catch up on my blog, as well as my blog books, and make my brain feel in order.
3. I also was doing really well with my viola/violin once a week until we moved. Now the viola and violin are at my parents and I need to bring them here.

So time to recommit! THE TIME IS NOW!