Monday, March 13, 2017

Sickness around here

Our week started off well with these three cuties all dressed up in beautiful dresses my mom got them. 
And then it went downhill from there. 

It all started with this poor little cutie. She started throwing up in the middle of the night. We finally went to bed at 4 a.m. with Bree in a sleeping bag on the hardwood floor so if she threw up again, it was way easier to clean up.

The next day, Bree was completely fine, and we needed food, so we headed to Costco. Delilah kept trying to hug her twin, but Colette was not having it! 

The next day, I got the twins up from their nap, and there was throw-up ALL over. ALL over. It was disgusting. Bath-time for these two! They sure didn't look sick. Oh, but they were. 

After the bath, I tried to get them to lay down on the kitchen floor so they would just stay put for a bit. 

The twins finally got so tired, I set them up little towel beds and tried to get them to relax more. 

And cute side-note, Bree had been at pre-school that day and her teacher posted this cute picture of her during "move it" hour. 

The next day, they were all done throwing up. They made it through the night unscathed. THANK HEAVENS!!

Sleeping on a book, with an umbrella just in case it rains. 

Last night, we had lamb for dinner, and they threw up again this morning, but just the one time. Is it the lamb? Or are they just still sick? Poor girls. 

After being cooped up all week, we headed to the park today. We had to get outside. 
The girls love to swing! The twins are getting so big that I'm wondering if they will fit in the baby seat for much longer!

Sunday, March 12, 2017

2011 bought!

I finished and order my 2011 blog book today! And surprisingly, there was a 40% off flash sale! YES PLEASE!! Now on to make sure my blog is updated for 2012, create that book, then order that too as soon as there is another sale! My personal blog will become my Sunday night project.

This is so silly, but I feel so accomplished getting just that one done. I know I have a lot of work ahead of me to catch my blog up to present, but my goal is to get it completely done by the time we go on the cruise in June. I may want to start doing a book for each vacation we take with the kids so they can have vacation memory books when they get older. I'm not sure if I want to commit to something like that, but it would be nice to be all caught up so I could do it.

Off to update 2012!

Sunday, February 26, 2017

2011 Goals

Today, I decided I needed to take my life back - get settled, have a better routine. I miss my blog and need to use it more often. Especially now that I have a job where I'm working on a blog EVERY day (more on that later), I need to get my own personal one back.

So, I gave it a facelift, and redid some of the tabs. I had a tab about all the things I wanted to do to my Lehi house - we don't even live there anymore. And I found this "Goals" Tab from 2011!! HA! So I'm going through these ones and laughing about them, and what I haven't done. I put my current notes in parenthesis so you can see too.

2011 Goals:

1. Re-submit book to a few more publishers. Received first rejection notice on the grounds that they aren't looking for this type of book right now. At least it wasn't "you suck!" haha. (I haven't re-submitted my book yet. I really need to. I will - one day.)

2. Make a practice schedule to stay on top of violin/viola (I was really good at this for a few weeks at the beginning of last year. I probably just need to join an orchestra. But that would be one more thing on my list - so for now, I just need to practice more on my own.)

3. Make 2008 blog book for Mother's Day, and 2009 Blog book for mom's birthday, and 2010 blog for Christmas (I actually have done all of those. BUT, I stopped at 2011. I need to finish that one, and then move on to all the others after I update them online. So much to do.)

4. Crack down on booking more photo shoots (Photography was fun, but I just want that to be for me now. I do still want to own a camera that has the wifi capabilities cameras do now - but that will probably be a next year thing.)

5. Fix yard. (Don't own that house - but we did get a fence, and a stamped concrete patio. I miss our house so much.)
a. Flatten it out with another inch of top soil
b. Replant grass 
c. Get gravel
d. Put gravel down on right side of house - for jeeps 
e. Put gravel down on left side of house for veggie garden/hot tub area
f. Put gravel in the back of our yard - plant bushes around it. This will be the dog's place to poop.
g. Teach dogs to poop in the privacy gravel area.
h. Buy all or part of a fence - depends on how many neighbors we get.
i. If we have money left, buy stamped concrete for patio. 

6. Complete the decorating of the living/dining room so it feels nice when you walk inside the house. (Did this is 2012 with my friend Chelsea - a wonderful interior designer. I probably need to go back and blog about it - not sure if I ever did.)

7. Completely organize the crawl space in labeled CLEAR bins. (This is now find all of our stuff and unpack it - organize it or throw it away.)

8. End the year with a good sized emergency fund. (We did have one - and then we renovated an entire house here in Auburn. Gotta build that back up again.) 

Finish before I'm 30: (I'm 30 now...soooo... let's see what's happened!)

1. Finish my full-length novel (That didn't happen.)

2. Make my own cd with my songs on it - take to a publisher or radio station to see what they think (Nope, didn't happen either. And as much as my life dream would be to be a singing sensation - I wouldn't be able to take all of the criticism that comes with being famous.)

3. Complete a triathlon. (Oh yes! Done this several times! BOOYAH!)

5. Play a part in a tv show or commercial. (Hey, I did this - it was a super fake representation but it was TV! Ha!)

6. Get my children's book published. (One day... one day...)

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Nightmare on Scenic Drive: Kitchen

Wow, did we do a lot in the kitchen or what. Here goes a ton of photos!

The dining room before

The beam - this was put in when they added an addition (the dining room) to the house in the 80s

The cabinets above this counter came down the first day we had the house

Can you believe my babies were this small when we started?

And here's a picture of the nasty sink

I started sanding all of the cabinets so we could paint them white. Eric ripped down the ceiling surrounding that beam so we could expose it all. 

Here's the beam!

There's TC filming Eric taking out the counter. We paid someone to install a granite countertop, so we didn't need to take this out. BUT, the tv show wanted to see us demolish something in the kitchen, so we took it out for them. Then strategically cut it so we could "accidentally"drop it on the floor and "accidentally" wake up the babies. Ha.

Eric then sawed into the floor for the show as well. There were three layers of vinyl on that floor. Gross. 

This is Eric building the barn door!

And there's TC - our videographer!

Eric took out the pantry doors...

..and added this beautiful barn door

We had to make sure the floor was sturdy enough for the new counter because we knew the floor was rotting out. And indeed, how gross is that? 

Eric pulled down the walls as well, and found "insulation" in the walls... aka a ton of leftover sheetrock. 

New subfloor!

This is after I started sanding the beam so I could stain it

Our new counter!

We had to even out the floor for the new floor, and so here's it all clean, and us adding the thinset to even it out. 

My dad started helping me put in this subway tile, and then went home. So, I finished it, and then added some to the bathroom too. 

And after!!

You won't see the real before of the kitchen because we had already started working on the kitchen before the tv show came out and filmed. Again, storyline will be that we bought it from somebody who tried to remodel it.