Saturday, January 14, 2017

Nightmare on Scenic Drive: Kitchen

Wow, did we do a lot in the kitchen or what. Here goes a ton of photos!

The dining room before

The beam - this was put in when they added an addition (the dining room) to the house in the 80s

The cabinets above this counter came down the first day we had the house

Can you believe my babies were this small when we started?

And here's a picture of the nasty sink

I started sanding all of the cabinets so we could paint them white. Eric ripped down the ceiling surrounding that beam so we could expose it all. 

Here's the beam!

There's TC filming Eric taking out the counter. We paid someone to install a granite countertop, so we didn't need to take this out. BUT, the tv show wanted to see us demolish something in the kitchen, so we took it out for them. Then strategically cut it so we could "accidentally"drop it on the floor and "accidentally" wake up the babies. Ha.

Eric then sawed into the floor for the show as well. There were three layers of vinyl on that floor. Gross. 

This is Eric building the barn door!

And there's TC - our videographer!

Eric took out the pantry doors...

..and added this beautiful barn door

We had to make sure the floor was sturdy enough for the new counter because we knew the floor was rotting out. And indeed, how gross is that? 

Eric pulled down the walls as well, and found "insulation" in the walls... aka a ton of leftover sheetrock. 

New subfloor!

This is after I started sanding the beam so I could stain it

Our new counter!

We had to even out the floor for the new floor, and so here's it all clean, and us adding the thinset to even it out. 

My dad started helping me put in this subway tile, and then went home. So, I finished it, and then added some to the bathroom too. 

And after!!

You won't see the real before of the kitchen because we had already started working on the kitchen before the tv show came out and filmed. Again, storyline will be that we bought it from somebody who tried to remodel it. 


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It looks so good! Wish I could see it in person.

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