Monday, March 13, 2017

Sickness around here

Our week started off well with these three cuties all dressed up in beautiful dresses my mom got them. 
And then it went downhill from there. 

It all started with this poor little cutie. She started throwing up in the middle of the night. We finally went to bed at 4 a.m. with Bree in a sleeping bag on the hardwood floor so if she threw up again, it was way easier to clean up.

The next day, Bree was completely fine, and we needed food, so we headed to Costco. Delilah kept trying to hug her twin, but Colette was not having it! 

The next day, I got the twins up from their nap, and there was throw-up ALL over. ALL over. It was disgusting. Bath-time for these two! They sure didn't look sick. Oh, but they were. 

After the bath, I tried to get them to lay down on the kitchen floor so they would just stay put for a bit. 

The twins finally got so tired, I set them up little towel beds and tried to get them to relax more. 

And cute side-note, Bree had been at pre-school that day and her teacher posted this cute picture of her during "move it" hour. 

The next day, they were all done throwing up. They made it through the night unscathed. THANK HEAVENS!!

Sleeping on a book, with an umbrella just in case it rains. 

Last night, we had lamb for dinner, and they threw up again this morning, but just the one time. Is it the lamb? Or are they just still sick? Poor girls. 

After being cooped up all week, we headed to the park today. We had to get outside. 
The girls love to swing! The twins are getting so big that I'm wondering if they will fit in the baby seat for much longer!

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