2011 Goals:

1. Re-submit book to a few more publishers. Received first rejection notice on the grounds that they aren't looking for this type of book right now. At least it wasn't "you suck!" haha.

2. Make a practice schedule to stay on top of violin/viola

3. Make 2008 blog book for Mother's Day, and 2009 Blog book for mom's birthday, and 2010 blog for Christmas

4. Crack down on booking more photo shoots

5. Fix yard.
a. Flatten it out with another inch of top soil
b. Replant grass 
c. Get gravel
d. Put gravel down on right side of house - for jeeps 
e. Put gravel down on left side of house for veggie garden/hot tub area
f. Put gravel in the back of our yard - plant bushes around it. This will be the dog's place to poop.
g. Teach dogs to poop in the privacy gravel area.
h. Buy all or part of a fence - depends on how many neighbors we get.
i. If we have money left, buy stamped concrete for patio. 

6. Complete the decorating of the living/dining room so it feels nice when you walk inside the house. 

7. Completely organize the crawl space in labeled CLEAR bins. 

8. End the year with a good sized emergency fund. 

Finish before I'm 30:

1. Finish my full-length novel

2. Make my own cd with my songs on it - take to a publisher or radio station to see what they think

3. Complete a triathlon.

5. Play a part in a tv show or commercial. 

6. Get my children's book published.